Adding Decorations to a Garden

Adding decorations to a garden breathes new life into an already beautiful landscape. Unlike the painstaking work required for planting and tending a garden, maintenance-free decorations can be added and changed seasonally or as the mood strikes you. These zero-commitment ornaments give the garden a style as dynamic as your own.

Types of Decorations

When planning for outdoor decor or cutting down trees, think beyond lawn gnomes and statuettes. The garden can become an outdoor room, an extension to the comfort of your home. For homeowners who entertain and families who enjoy playing outdoors, the garden is a place you want to be. Adding some seating is a great way to enjoy the garden you have lovingly cultivated. From simple benches to a grand dining table to plush couches, anything goes in your garden oasis.

To make the garden a gathering place year-round, add an outdoor hearth. These range in design from sleek fireplaces to earthy stoves. Place it on a concrete platform anywhere in your yard, and watch house guests and family members flock to its warmth and glow. A firepit is another variation of the outdoor hearth. These raised basins add panache to the familiar campfire where kids (and adults) can roast s'mores and keep warm on chilly nights.

Lanterns and strings of lights are not just for entertaining. Festive lighting schemes can make any ordinary evening feel like an occasion at the flip of a switch. String them on trees along the garden's perimeter or build a rustic wooden scaffold to outline the garden in twinkling lights.

A fountain brings the sound of a babbling brook to your backyard. Choose a feng shui wall fountain or an ornate cascading fountain to serve as the focal point of your garden. Fountains and bird baths also attract wildlife to the garden, creating a peaceful, pastoral scene right outside your window.

A trellis gives the garden dimension and a romantic visual element. Place the trellis at the garden's entrance and adorn it with a climbing plant to make your own "secret garden." The trellis is as functional as it is beautiful for growing tomatoes or climbing roses, and it adds vertical space when the flower beds are full.

Do-it-yourself decor is meaningful and money-saving. Personalize ordinary garden items like plant markers with hand-painted signs. Add drawings of the plant or vegetable or a clever saying. Signs can be placed all around the garden with sentimental poems, song lyrics or words that hold meaning for the family.

Tips for Decorating

An artful display in a garden should first be secure and safe. Make sure all decorations are firmly planted or heavy enough to withstand wind and rain. Also make sure the materials are weatherproof, especially outdoor lights and items with electrical components.

Adding elements of different heights and weights can give the garden dimension. Balance short flower beds with tall and mid-height items. Heavy furniture should be complemented with something airy and whimsical to keep the garden from looking boxy or one-note.

Use found items and salvaged pieces to add unique touches that no one else can replicate. The antique claw-foot bathtub taking up space in the basement makes an excellent raised herb garden. Old boots make kitschy flower pots. Even old tires can be recycled and painted to hold plants in round plots. Gutted old cars have even been known to serve as self-contained gardens within gardens.

There are no rules for adding decorations to a garden. Make the space into somewhere you want to spend time. The garden is an extension of the home; with the right decorations, it might just become your new favorite room.

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