Who Can Answer my Questions About Claims?

Filing a claim is necessary in order for you to get the funds needed to repair or replace your home. Once you have filed a claim, it is common to have questions regarding the status of the process, as well as any other problems that might arise. Generally, the more complex your claim is, then the longer it will take for the homeowners insurance company to process it. As a general rule, you should only work with the professionals that are directly affiliated with your house policy. If you are thinking about switching companies during the claims process, you are certainly free to talk with other companies, but they will not have any direct influence on any current outstanding claims affiliated with your house policy.

Who to Contact

Whenever you have a question regarding a claim you have made, you should work exclusively with the insurance provider who you have the contract with. If your policy is contracted with an agent, then you should only speak with him or her regarding the specifics of your claims. The reason why the communication process should be so exclusive is because these particular professionals are the only ones who are knowledgeable about your current policy, as well as your claim. Contacting an outside contractor about a claim you make does not make sense because the company does not know any specifics about your current coverage.

The matter can be slightly more complex if you have yet to make a claim. One of the reasons why homeowners do not want to speak with their providers about making claims is because they are afraid that filing for a minor repair can increase their rates. This is a tough decision, considering you will still need the funds to make any sort of necessary repairs.

If you are debating on whether you should formally file a claim on your policy or not, you should first assess how bad the damage is. A minor accident might be fixed cheaply on your own, but in other cases, you will need funds from your policy in order to cover the damage. Another consideration is whether the accident is related to an uncontrollable event, such as a fire or storm, or whether your neglect is the direct cause. Insurance companies are more likely to increase your rates if you file numerous claims for accidents that could have been prevented on your part.

Wondering whether you should file a claim or not might not necessarily be an appropriate topic of conversation for you to have with your agent or insurance company. Instead, you can consider discussing the matter with a professional third party who can advise you on the risk of premium increases. At the same time, however, you will want to avoid talking about excessive claims with a company you are thinking about switching over to because they might consider you as a high-risk insurance holder, and decide not to offer you any coverage.

Who to Avoid

Just as there are certain parties you should discuss insurance claims with, there are others that you should avoid all together. You should never talk about any claims with an insurance company that solicits you with their services. Many of these companies often stem from scams that seek to illegally obtain money from customers without offering any real coverage. Also, you should avoid asking questions from another insurance provider about a claim that is currently being processed by your existing company. It is normal to get frustrated about the claims process, but you should always direct your questions to your provider.

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