What are the Benefits of Vinyl Siding?

If you are considering getting new siding for your existing property or are comparing new siding for a new residence that you are building, then you will want to look into the pros and cons of several different materials. Vinyl siding was once relatively unknown and unpopular but in recent years it can escalated in popularity. So what are the benefits to this durable and eco friendly material? There are plenty when it comes to home improvement costs!

Price, Maintenance and Style

One of the biggest benefits to vinyl siding is that it is so affordable. It is much cheaper than some of the alternatives such as timber and aluminum. However, the price will depend on the overall look and feel of your home as well as the size and dimensions needed. Make sure you compare prices to see what you are offered.

Another big benefit to vinyl siding is that it is maintenance free. You don't need to paint over it like you do with timber and some of the other building materials. It is designed to look glossy and new for several years. You can use a cloth to simply wipe it down if you notice it getting a little dirty. Or, grab the hose and wipe off the mud from the kid's soccer ball whenever you notice it.

You cannot go past how nice vinyl siding can look for your home as well. Vinyl siding comes in a number of different colors as well as different styles, textures and finishing so you can get the right look for your home. Think about your windows, the color of your fascia and the type of roof you have when looking into the different styles and designs of siding. All of these things together will help you create the perfect look for your old or new property.

Protective and Insulation Qualities

Vinyl siding is also great protection for your house and can stand up to storm damage. When vinyl siding first came out around 1950 it was not up to the strength standards of some of the other siding materials. However, nowadays siding is built to last and it is now designed to resist cracks, dents, rusting and sagging, all common problems with the first models back in the 50's. Homes from North to South choose vinyl siding as it can withstand pressure from serious cold fronts, ice and hail damage as well as serious wind and heavy rainfall. It can also keep your home protected from harsh UV rays down South.

It is also an excellent insulator keeping your home at a comfortable temperature and keeping your electrical bills down as well. Regardless of whether you live in a hot or cold part of the nation the siding you select for your home is going to heavily impact the amount of insulation and protection you receive. In addition to the outside forces and weather, vinyl siding is also designed to protect against hot and cold air coming into your home. You can reduce your energy bills which is why vinyl siding is considered an eco friendly home material.

All of these are some of the benefits to vinyl siding and explain why around 1/3rd of homeowners in the nation have selected vinyl siding for their home. Make sure you do weigh the pros and cons of some of the other siding material as well, such as timber and aluminum. Take your time and speak to professionals in the industry to get the best idea of whether vinyl siding is right for your home.

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