The Best Plants for Hotter Climates

Planting flowers, veggies, bushes and shrubs in a warmer climate comes with a number of pros. First of all, you don't want to worry about frost harming the plants. Second of all, you don't have to bundle up in your winter clothes just to go outside and do the gardening. However, with this being said, not all plants are made for the hot weather and some plants are not able to cope with the extra sunshine and extra dry heat. Make sure you are choosing plants that will withstand the outdoor pressures, including the hot sun and the dry days.

Regardless of whether you are planting in a hot or cold climate one thing remains the same - your plants will need proper maintenance and a good rooting system. This means you have to choose soil that will soak up the nutrients and use plenty of mulch to keep your seedlings protected. Furthermore, choose an area such as the spots around your pool that does have some shade during the day and make sure you water your plants as often as needed, especially if you are looking at a long, dry summer.

Not all hot climates are going to be dry. Sure, if you are living in the south or in the desert states then you will have this problem. However, Florida residents will often face heavy rains and storms even when it is scorching outside. What this means is that you may not need to water as often as you think when living in a tropical area where rain and heat go hand in hand.

Annuals for Hotter Climates

One of the best options for plants in hotter climates are annuals. Many people will stay away from these bright and beautiful flowers as they seem like a lot of work but they actually are not. You can just have a lush garden filled with bright colors without all the hard work involved. You just need to choose your plants wisely.

Annuals that will thrive in a hot dry climate and do not require a lot of moisture include the African daisy, dusty miller, creeping zinnia, cosmos and gold medallion. You can also choose from the lovely verbena, the unique snow on the mountain or the moss rose, all of which are tolerant to hot dry conditions.

If you are living in an area where you get rainfall then you have even more choices to consider. If you want to plant any of these annuals and live in a hot arid area, then you will need to give them regular watering sessions. Choose from blue daze, dahlias, cypress vine, castor bean or flowering tobacco. Other options you have include morning glory, moon vine, Mexican sunflower and Mexican heather.

Of course, when you are faced with a long hot dry summer there will most likely be water restrictions in place making it even harder to keep your annuals bright and lovely. You can look into collecting rain water in barrels to help water your plants or even using your bath water at night to water the plants. A little soap is not going to harm them and also won't harm the environment or get you in trouble with your local council.

Finding the best plants for hotter climates can often be best if you ask for assistance. If you are choosing seedlings or plants at any garden shop, don't be afraid to ask for help. This is what the sales staff are there for. Furthermore, you may also wish to stick to indigenous plants to your area which you know will be able to withstand the pressure of the local hot climate.

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