Building a Home in a Wildfire Area

If you are looking to build a home in an area that often experiences wildfires, then there are some things that you need to do to protect your property from experiencing tragedy before your home is even built. Building a home take a lot of hard work and can cost you a pretty penny, so you want to be sure that you protect your investment from the very beginning. There are many simple things that you can do to make sure your new investment does not just go up in smoke.

Careful Construction

Make sure that you talk to your builder about using FireWise construction techniques to set up a basis for fire protection with your home. You may want to consider using materials for your home that are more fire resistant like brick rather than wood siding to reduce the cost of your poor credit house coverage. Fire proof roofing materials have proven to be one of the greatest defenses against a wild fire. Avoid any highly flammable roofing materials like wood shingles as it is difficult to protect your home once those catch fire.

It is very important that you and your contractor take extra safety precautions to not begin any type of fire. You can do this by making sure that any excess fuel from construction equipment is always contained and not left lying around. Make sure that any scrap materials are not left lying around either. This is especially true for wood or other flammable materials.

Smart Landscaping

And, you should be particularly careful how you landscape the area around your home. Avoid using any flammable vegetation in the direct vicinity of your house. Keep trees and other flammable vegetation at a safe distance from your home. You can use a cinder block fence around the perimeter of your property in order to act as a barrier that and outside fire could not easily break through. And use pavers and rocks periodically in your landscaping in order to break up the path of a potential fire.

The area immediately surrounding your home should be arranged to create a fire proof barrier using grassy areas, flower beds, and even rock bedding. Avoid using any landscaping bedding like wood chips as these will help the fire to spread. And, make sure that this area is well hydrated too so that it is a great defense. And, always keep your lawn well maintained as long dry grass is a fires friend.

And, the most important thing that you can do is to have a great homeowners insurance policy from day one. Many assume they do not need a policy until their home is built and this can prove to be a huge mistake. A good policy will protect your property from wildfires. And, since mistakes do happen at times in construction, your chance of this type of event occurring while you build is even higher.

An added benefit to having a good homeowners insurance policy from the beginning is that you will be protected from any potential lawsuits. You will likely have many people coming and going from your property in the construction process. There are hundreds of opportunities for any one of these people to be injured on your property. All it takes is one person to be injured on your property and you could be sued for thousands upon thousands of dollars.

But, you can avoid this and the potential damage from a wildfire by protecting yourself in advance. Get a good homeowners insurance policy when you begin building a home in a wildfire area. And use the techniques above to physically protect your property.

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