Is It Okay to Have Cats and Dogs in One House?

Pet owners who are new to the arena may ask themselves, is it okay to have cats and dogs in one house? And the answer to that is yes, or maybe, or whatever you work out with your own mix of animals. Mixing pets is like mixing people and every one of them has their own personality. There may be times when you can have a cat, dog and bird all in the same house and they all get along like they were born and raised together.

Then, you may have times when your cat hates the dog and vice versa, and all they do is fight and hiss every time they see each other. How much chaos can you take? Are you prepared to listen to them fighting all the time if that's what their personalities are going to do? It's not like you can sit them down and have them work out their differences. They are just using their instincts and they may never get over them and actually tolerate the other animal.

Possibly Moving One Pet Outside

In these cases, it may be wiser to move one outside and leave the other one inside. You'll have to decide how to do this based on who has been there the longest and what their ability to survive the majority of the time outside is. Building a shelter for a dog or putting them up in the detached garage and giving them a run is a good solution, but you will need to be ready to teach them to sleep out there as well. Cats can often survive outside but they may not come home without getting into a fight. If your animals have been declawed, then it's dangerous for them to be out there without a way for them to protect themselves. You have to consider all the details first, and perhaps decide that giving one of them away would be best for them. While they are part of your family, you want them to be happy and safe during their daily lives as well. It's not fair if they always have to fight for their food, water and outdoor time.

Exceptions to the Pet Rule

Of course, there is always the exception to the rule and sometimes you'll get a cat and a dog that are best friends. They will enjoy hanging out together, sleeping in the same space and generally being as loving as possible. They say it takes all kinds, right? If this is what you have, then consider yourself lucky and be glad they have each other for company. When animals don't feel alone, they will be less destructive in general and there will be a feeling of calm all throughout the household. This makes it very nice, especially when the residents are older and may not feel like breaking up an animal fight all the time.

If you want to slowly introduce the animals, you may have a better chance of them getting along. Learning the answer to, is it okay to have cats and dogs in one house, is sometimes just a matter of making sure each one feels respected. When they are allowed to move forward at their own pace, they may not be best friends, but at least they can tolerate each other's presence with indifference. Even this is acceptable for their owners who want to enjoy both of their company, but don't feel like moderating a wrestling match every day. Find out how your pets' personalities match up and proceed on from there.

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