Changing an Air Filter

Changing an air filter is an important part of your regular cleaning routine, unlike the less routine task of sidewalk maintenance. Household air filters such as those used in air conditioners, can easily collect dirt, dust and other unwanted things that can make your system less effective. Changing the air filters is an important way to keep your home running more smoothly and energy efficiently.

When you are changing an air filter you first need to know what type of air filter you have. How often and how you change the filter will depend on what type of filter you have. For example, if you have a fiberglass or polyester filter, which is quite common in households across the nation, then it is important that you change the filter monthly. For washable and reusable filters you should also give them a wash once a month. A flat or pleated filter can go a little longer before you change it but should be done at least four times a year while a deep pleated filter can do for half a year without having to change it.

Remembering to Change the Filter

It can be quite easy to forget to change your air filter. This is why you need to make it part of your regular cleaning routine. While you may mop the floors, dust the furniture and clean the bathrooms once a week, there may be some jobs that you only do once a month. Try to associate changing the air filter with these chores. For example, you may wash your car or give the dog a flea controlled tablet once a month. If this is the case, then associate changing the air filters with this chore.

If you have a deep pleated filter then you may wish to associate your spring clean with changing the filter as you only need to do this once or twice a year. You may wish to do a steam clean to the carpets once a season and if so, then change the filters during this day as well. Other chores to associate with changing an air filter include dusting, washing the walls, wiping down the ceiling fans or flipping the bedroom mattresses.

You may also want to write down the date of replacement on the air filter when you change it. Or, you can make up little stickers to put on your calendar so you know when a change is coming up. This is a great way to keep track of your replacements, especially if you have a tendency to forget things like this with your busy schedule.

Proper Air Filter Replacement

When you are replacing your air filter you need to be sure that you have done it correctly. An air filter that is not fitted properly will not do much good for your home. If you do notice that the air filter is loose then you can add tape to the edges to keep it secure and in place. If you are unsure of the type to get, then take the old filter out and take it with you. That way someone who works at the store can help you choose the most suitable replacement.

Having a good air quality circulating in your home ensures that your house is free of dust, dirt and other allergens. We spend a lot of our time indoors which is why it is so important to change the air filters regularly and correctly. If you are ever unsure of changing an air filter, don't be afraid to ask for assistance at your local hardware shop.

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