Changing the Locks on Your Doors

Changing the locks on your doors is an essential safety measure from time to time. If you have just moved to a new residence you may wish to get new locks to make yourself feel secure in your new home. Similarly, if you find your son or daughter has shared the location of your spare house key with friends, or your entire neighborhood sports team, it might be time to change the locks just to make sure you are aware of who can make their way inside.

Whatever your reason for wanting a new lock on your door, it does not have to be a difficult chore to install one. Many locksmiths are reasonably priced and it usually does not take them more than a few minutes to get the job done. It is also very easy to perform this task yourself if you are interested in saving money.

How to Rekey a Door

Before you get started on putting a new lock on, you will need to make sure the replacement you have is the same brand so it will fit in the space provided. Most locks will have the brand name printed on them, but you can always bring the lock into your local hardware store if you are not sure. Just be sure someone is at home to keep an eye on your property, since you will be walking away with your main security measure in hand.

Once you have purchased a new lock it is time to install. For a separate lock or deadbolt on your door this will be as simple as popping out the old device and screwing in the new one. Replacing a lock that is located in your doorknob will be a bit more complicated. Make sure you have all the proper tools, including a wire and ring retainer tool before you get started. These will often be included in lock change kits.

The first step you will need to perform is removing the knob from the door. Locate the knob access hole which should be just behind the handle on most models. Slide your wire tool into the access hole to release the clip. You will then be able to easily slide the knob off the door to work on.

Now you will need to remove the lock cylinder. It will slide right out if the lock is unlocked. Use the retainer ring tool on the cylinder to remove the retainer ring located on the front of the lock just in front of the pins. This will allow you to open up the cylinder to adjust the pins inside. Make sure you keep constant pressure on the cylinder so the pins to not spring out of the container.

For this next step you will need to follow the specific instructions of the lock change kit you purchased to add the new pins to your lock. These often work on a color code so all you will need to do is match the order shown on the provided diagram. Slip the pins in the proper order back into to the chamber on your lock. Slide your new key in to make sure it works properly before reinstalling the lock on your door.

To finish changing the locks on your doors you will need to follow the previous steps in reverse. Slide the pin chamber back into the cylinder and lock it in place with the retainer ring. Place this back in the doorknob and secure the doorknob back in the door by triggering the clip with your wire tool.

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