Choosing Artificial Grass for Your Yard

Artificial turf has evolved a great deal from the days of 1970s sitcoms. It is now possible to purchase artificial grass that is comfortable and can add a great deal to the design of your yard and around your new garden design. This is a great way to blend flowerbeds and decks into the overall feel of your outdoor living space, especially if your yard is not very big or it is difficult to grow quality turf in your climate. If you purchase the right turf you can easily mimic the look of real grass throughout your backyard.

Buying an Installation

Typically artificial turf is purchased online or through a catalogue which can make it difficult for you to tell what you are purchasing. The first thing you should look at is what the price per square foot is and how much the company charges for installation. This will give you a ballpark price for how much your project is going to cost. Try to have an estimate of how many square feet of turf you will need for your yard before you start shopping so you can make the necessary calculations.

You want to select a brand of artificial grass that resembles a real lawn as closely as possible. The blade count should be high so it does not look patchy and the blades should be soft to the touch. You also want to make sure there are holes in the turf to allow drainage so your turf does not collect puddles or flood. Since most of these qualities cannot be judged by looking at pictures in a catalogue, purchase your product from a company that will mail you a sample before you make your purchase to give you a clear idea of what you are buying.

When picking out the turf you are using in your project you will need to keep several factors in mind. Different types of lawns will cost more than others so you will have to set a budget before you shop. You should also consider the area where you live and what kinds of plants would normally be found there. A luscious, green lawn may be lovely but it would look rather strange in a home in Northern Arizona, for example. If you have pets then you will need to select a product that will not begin to wear and shed when they run on it.

If you are going to have a professional install your artificial grass then make sure you take a look at their credentials and experience. Ask what materials they will be using for the infill or area underneath the turf and what additional costs there are if they need to level the ground or otherwise prepare your yard to install the grass. A quality company should provide a portfolio of recent installations so you can get an idea of what you should expect. They should also have a guarantee on their work and their product in case anything should go wrong.

When you are finished choosing artificial grass for your yard and having it installed you will need to inspect the final project. Check to see that the turf was glued down in such a way that you cannot see the seams between the rolls. Make sure there are no gaps and the turf is all facing the same direction so it does not look patchy. If you notice any issues or items you are not satisfied with notify your company immediately so you do not have to worry about whether or not your issues will fall under warranty.

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