Clovis Homeowners Insurance

Clovis homeowners insurance promises peace of mind for those buying a home. While this area typically boasts pleasant weather with few natural disasters, it is always nice to know you are protected should an issue arise. Keeping an up-to-date policy on hand can save hundreds of dollars on repairs or medical bills if an accident occurs on your property.

There are several types of insurance plans available so California homeowners should plan to do a bit of research before making a commitment. This does not need to be difficult or excessively time consuming. A bit of preparation before you get started can save a lot of time when shopping.

Types of Clovis Homeowners Insurance

There are several types of plans available in Clovis, CA. It is important to know the difference before comparing plans so you can focus on offers that best meet your needs. Finding a plan that does not include extra coverage which is irrelevant to your area will result in tremendous savings on your monthly premium.

If you do not own a traditional home, you may wish to look into insurance policies designed for your specific living situation. Homeowners plans for renter's, condominiums or homes being remodeled are all widely available in Clovis, CA. Switching to a plan which caters to your living situation can cut policy costs dramatically, but make sure you know the limits of your policy.

If you are looking for a traditional Clovis homeowners insurance policy it is likely that you will be looking at two basic types. The most common is basic form which lists specific perils that your home will be protected from. These policies tend to be less expensive than other Clovis homeowners insurance plans.

The second common type of Clovis homeowners insurance is broad form. This category of homeowners policy is set up in the exact opposite fashion as basic form policies. With this insurance plan all hazards are included in your coverage unless your policy specifically states something which is not included. While these policies tend to cost a bit more they usually offer a bit more coverage for your Clovis, CA home.

Both basic and broad form insurance leave certain less common hazards out of their policies. Most of these are natural disasters that do not occur in your climate. However, it is not uncommon for homeowners companies to exclude earthquake coverage from their policies. Even though Clovis is not on a fault line the community can still feel the effects of an earthquake so it is important to check for this coverage while shopping.

Because earthquake damage is so common in California all Clovis homeowners insurance agents will be required to offer a provision that includes earthquake coverage. This will likely come with at an increase to your monthly premium. Be sure to factor in these potential costs while shopping so you do not get a surprise when your first bill comes.

Selecting Add-Ons

In addition to extra provisions against natural disasters there are many add-ons which you can apply to your homeowners insurance to protect the contents of your California home. For example, personal liability provisions cover any medical bills which stem from an accident on your property. This is an essential add-on for a family who frequently has workers or other guests performing physical activity around their home.

Clovis homeowners may also wish to stock up on a provision which covers identity theft. Anyone who has had a credit card or social security number stolen can tell you how difficult it is to erase the damage. Your Clovis homeowners insurance policy can help you get things back to normal and repay the cost of the theft. This coverage may only cost a few dollars a month but can save you thousands should you ever find yourself in need of this provision.

Luxury items in your Clovis home may not be covered under your insurance policy. Reimbursement for theft will only cover the set amount of your deductible. If you own items such as original artwork or a large collection of jewelry you may wish to add to your Clovis homeowners insurance premium. You will need to have all valuable items appraised so your agent can determine how much to add to your policy. It is also important to have such items listed with your policy beforehand so your claim will not be disputed later.

Because so many Clovis homeowners insurance options are available, it is best to compare several policies side by side when shopping to be sure you are buying the best policy. This is best accomplished online where you can compare several plans at once. You can also compare what coverage you will get for the price. This way you have plenty of opportunity to read slowly and go over any questions you may have before signing a policy with an agent.

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