Do I Need to Contact the Police Before Filing a Claim?

If you have to make a homeowners insurance claim, then there are probably a lot of questions going through your mind before you do so. A lot of homeowners are just unfamiliar with the process of making a claim and what transpires after filed claims are considered, so there are many topics that they might be curious about. One such topic that homeowners often deal with is whether or not they need to call the police before they make a claim. The answer to this will depend on the nature of what happened.

Homeowners insurance is a type of coverage that is meant to protect owners from things like natural disasters, theft, and vandalism. Not all of these threats are going to be instances that will require you to call the police before you make a claim on your policy. If, for example, a tree falls and damages your home during a storm, then you may not need to speak to the police about this at all. However, there are other instances which may require you to call the police and have them come out to look at things.

When Police are Necessary

If your home has been broken into and things have been stolen, then you are going to need to call the police. When you do this, the police are going to write up a report and do an investigation of the situation. This is something that is going to end up helping your case for a homeowners insurance claim. Some providers are going to insist that you get the police involved because it means that your items could be recovered this way. If you don't contact the police after a theft, then you might not get your claim approved.

Vandalism is another instance in which you would want to call the police before you make a claim. When you do make a claim on your homeowners insurance policy, you are going to need to submit as much evidence as you possibly can. If you call the police out after an act of vandalism, then this is going to lend a lot of credence to your claim. If you do not get them involved in any way, then your provider may insist that you do so before you can complete a claims form.

Who to Contact

If you want to make a claim on your homeowners insurance policy after an incident, you are going to need to contact your insurance agent. This is the person who is going to be best qualified to help you deal with the claims process and answer any questions that you might have along the way. If you can contact your insurance agent as soon as the incident occurs, then this is really going to speed up the process quite significantly. If you wait to contact your agent, then you never know how long things are going to take.

You may not need to contact the police before filing a claim, but there are definitely situations in which you are going to need to contact them. A lot of people feel weird about calling the police about such things, but these are jobs that they are trained to deal with. Sometimes, you are going to need a police report to complete the claims process, so it's best if you just call and get them out there to your home. It's the best chance you have of getting your claim approved and of getting some justice from those who have harmed your home.

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