How Much Will It Cost to Get Custom Windows for my Home?

Customized windows are those that are designed specifically for your home. They are customized to fit the exact curves and crevices of each opening. You can expect customized windows to cost a little more than standard replacement windows but this is because you are getting a lot more out of your product, much like the benefits of vinyl siding material. You are ensuring that your windows are specifically catered to your needs and designed for your home's specific features and unique curves.

Purchasing Customized Windows

You can purchase customized windows from a contractor or a manufacturer. They will come to your home and measure out each window to get the exact dimensions and ensure the exact fit. Then they will order the windows in. They will also install them for you but this is going to cost even more.

This can be done on any property, including older homes as well as houses that have not been built yet. If you are building your house from scratch then customized windows is often the best idea as you are working with a clean slate.

If you do want to cut down on the costs of customized windows you can install them yourself. However, you need to be sure you have all the materials, including a chalking solution and that you know what you are doing. You also need to have some experience in DIY and have a lot of time and patience to do the job properly. Trying to get the windows fitted as quickly as possible often results in minor mistakes that will turn into major issues down the road.

Price Factors on Windows

How much you are spending on your customized windows will depend on a number of things. Most big name brands, such as Marvin, Pella and Anderson, offer several different windows at different calibers. They can range from $200 per window to $2000 per window depending on the quality of window you are getting.

Another thing that will impact the cost is the type of glass you are getting. Most homeowners will now opt for double glazed units but you can choose to have them filled with krypton or Argonne gas for more insulation. This is going to cost a little extra, however.

The framing will also make a big difference to the price that you are paying. The material you choose will impact your price, whether it is timber or vinyl. Timber is one of the more expensive options while vinyl tends to be quite affordable. You can also choose from aluminum as well as steel or fiberglass.

Whether you choose double hung systems, tilt turns, crank windows or casements will also impact the price. Furthermore the size of your customized window will also matter. You can expect a large picture window in your living room to cost more to customize and replace than a small window in your shower.

In general, for a basic window you can expect to pay around $200 to $500. For customized windows, however, this is going to be a little more, especially if the window is in an odd shape, such as a pentagon, a circle or an arch. When you are looking into the costs to get customized windows installed for your home, you need to think about this as a big investment. Shop around and get a number of quotes from different contractors. If you are good with your hands, think about DIY. Make sure you give yourself some time to do the research to get the best price on customized windows.

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