Will my Coverage Take Care of my Detached Garage?

Will my coverage take care of my detached garage? This is a question that many homeowners insurance clients are asking themselves if they decide to add on another building on their property. If they are going to cover this as well, then all they have to do is call their agent and give them the building information. As long as it's used for your car or another regular use, it can just as easily be included on whatever your current policy is. They will need to know certain things about the building, of course, but this is basic information.

The questions they will ask include will it have electricity or running water? What will the building be used for primarily? Are there any known sinkholes or soft spots near the building and how far away from the main house is it? All of this is important so they can figure out how much of a liability it is. This will help determine what those additional rates are going to look like. Once you have this information, then you'll be able to price compare with several companies to see who has the best deal.

Shopping Around for Best Prices

When you're ready to actually add this on to your plan, find out if you're going to stick with your current company. If you're going to move everything to a different provider to get a better discount, then keep all of the structure information in one place. This will ensure that nothing gets missed and that you don't forget something important. If you have a particular number you would like to stay under for your homeowners insurance, share that with the potential agents and representatives. They should be able to work around this and get as close as possible for you. Even though this additional building is not attached to the main house, in terms of the policy, it works the same way. The only difference is that you're asking for more compensation and that is why the prices will increase a bit.

Making This New Building Safer

After you have found a company to work with, ask them how you can make this garage coverage even cheaper? Obviously, keeping a fire extinguisher inside would be a great idea, but what about adding it to your main alarm system? If you're going to be doing some real work in there, would it be worth it to install a small sprinkler system? Anything that can lower the potential for an accident usually earns you a price break as well and should be considered. Think about how much it would take if you were going to repurchase all your tools, your car and anything else that was stored in this building. Now, think about the one-time cost of a sprinkler system or some other precautions. Clearly, the choice is easy and the numbers are even more convincing.

You may be able to see if they have affiliate programs for their customers where you can purchase these items at a sale price. If this is how you learn the answer to, will my coverage take care of my detached garage, then you will have done well. Preparation before anything goes wrong is the best kind of advice to follow and when you have the backup of an expert, you can do this with confidence. It will also help you to know that you're investing in the right homeowners insurance company. If they are willing to help you learn and protect yourself more, then you are getting a well-rounded benefit.

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