Does my Coverage Pay for Damage Caused By Sinkholes?

If you're asking, does my coverage pay for damage caused by sinkholes, then you might have just moved to an area that has been affected by them in the past. If so, then the insurance providers of that area will be familiar with these claim types and common insurance riders and can tell you right away whether that is included in your policy. Most of the time, this should be perfectly fine to file under a homeowners insurance claim, however, you should speak with your representative about the exact details. This is because there may be different procedures and you might need to pay a little more to have this service added on to your current plan.

Getting Support for Damaged Ground

It's worth it if there is even a remote chance because sometimes these things can develop over time. Repairing them is difficult, if not impossible, because there are very few places where you can put supports. If you think you are seeing problems develop that might be from a sinkhole, you need to contact your insurance agent right away. They will be able to send out a contractor or professional inspector to your location and tell you what they found.

Getting this kind of professional opinion at the onset of the process will ensure that your claim is not denied or rejected. This will delay things and possibly make it harder for your family to get what they need in the meantime. If you need to get back in the house and it's declared unsafe, this can be financially difficult for someone who doesn't have an emergency savings account set aside.

Two Kinds of Sinkholes

Keep in mind there are two different kinds of sinkholes and you may need to get a professional let you know which one has occurred, at least if you haven't experienced one before. Subsidence issues can cause sinkholes and these will show themselves in the form of cracks around the building and the foundation itself. Once these go bad, it's a lot of money to redo the foundation because they have to expand the support base. Depending on how far this needs to go, this can be a chunk of money.

However, if you're getting help from your insurance company through a claim to pay for this, then it may not be a financial problem. Just be careful that at some point, they may declare the property unable to be repaired and you will have to remain there without an insurance policy. Your other option would be to move but you'll have to discuss this with your family members. Safety should always come first, no matter how much sentimental value there may be to a building or location.

Once you have confirmed that you are in fact covered, take a lot of pictures. If cracks start appearing or you start feeling the house making weird movements over time, this should all be documented. Then, when you answer the question of, does my coverage pay for damage caused by sinkholes with a claim, you'll have all the support data they are looking for. This can speed things up for you because they will have the evidence and paperwork to get you some insurance compensation without delay. When their inspector comes out to review the damage, it will only back and support what you have already submitted. This is why it's important to stay up to date on your coverage and know exactly what you're purchasing with every homeowners policy.

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