Should I Crate Train my Dog?

Crate training is a cause for debate among many dog owners because some view the device as a form of punishment. Although you can utilize a crate at times for discipline purposes, this type of training device is not designed to be a prison for your pet. When deciding whether you need to crate train your dog, you should first analyze his or her personality and behavior. Not all dogs will need a crate, but you should also realize the many benefits associated with the device. If you are still in doubt, you might consider talking the matter over further with your local veterinarian.

Potty Training

If you have just added a puppy to your family, at some point you will need to teach him or her to potty train. Unlike adult canines, puppies cannot instinctively use the bathroom outside because there are too many distractions for the youngster. There are a variety of methods that can assist you in potty training your puppy, and using a crate is one of them.

When using a crate for potty training, you will want to make sure that you set everything up correctly in order to ensure success. The crate should be lined with training paper to ensure easy clean-up. You will also want to avoid placing any toys or food in the crate when you are using it for potty training, as such items can distract your puppy from using the bathroom. Also keep in mind that your puppy should not be left in the crate for an extended period of time during potty training--just a few minutes tops. You should also consider staying with your puppy to offer words of encouragement during the process.

Behavioral Problems

Some dogs are more destructive than others. While one dog might be perfectly capable of staying indoors alone for a short period of time, another might destroy your possessions in the process. Crate training can be a helpful way to minimize your dog's destructive behavior in your absence. This will save you money from having to replace your items, but it will also make things less stressful between you and your dog. If your dog is destructive and you cannot watch him or her, then the crate also offers a temporary solution while you complete a chore.

When you use a crate to prevent your dog from destroying your property, it is safe to assume that you will not be at home for a little while. Therefore, you must include some essentials within the crate, such as food, toys and water. It is also important that you do not leave your dog in the crate for a significant amount of time. If you are going to be gone to work all day, then you might consider hiring a pet sitter or taking your furry friend to doggy daycare instead. Leaving your dog alone for too long can actually increase the incidence of destructive behavior.

Dogs have their stressful moments, just as people do. Instead of screaming at your dog or letting him or her get overly emotional, you can utilize the crate as a kind of time-out method. This will help your dog to calm down without letting your items getting destroyed. Even worse, a stressful dog has the propensity to escape an owner's property, which can result in more dire consequences. It is far better to put your furry friend on a short time-out than it is to lose your dog. This method can also help to reduce the chances of excessive barking associated with stress.

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