Creating Room for a New Bathroom

A new bathroom can add value to your property. If you are looking to add a bathroom to your current property then there are several options. You will need to work with a home renovation company that can help you determine the best place for a new bathroom in your house. However, some of the most common places to add on an extra bathroom include at the through your master bedroom and from your laundry room. All of these options offer you minimal damage and clean up to your house as well as minimal interruptions from your daily life while the new bathroom is being installed.

One of the things you need to do when it comes to adding a new bathroom is work with the space that you have. Often a new bathroom is going to be a small one as you may not have much area in your home to actually separate the area. Unless you want to do a complete add on, then you will need to split up one of your current areas to make room for the bathroom.

Master Bedroom Bathrooms

Creating room for a new bathroom in your master bedroom usually means making your closet or your bedroom just a little smaller. Or, you may wish to add on out from your patio or other area if are willing to spend a little more money. There are several storage options available so that you can maximize your closet space all the while making room for a small bathroom as well.

Laundry Bathroom Additions

Another option is to split your laundry to also include washroom facilities. This is a fairly simple way to add an extra place to go to the toilet, especially for your guests as the laundry room is often located in a more central area in your home. You may wish to leave your current bathroom as the family bathroom and use the other washroom just for guests. That way the mess will remain in one bathroom only and you always have a clean space for your friends to do their thing.

One way to create room in your laundry room for a bathroom is to invest in a washing and drying system that stack up. There are many dryers out there that are able to hang above your washing machine which means much more space. Furthermore, you may look at moving your hot water heater, another common thing in the laundry room, outside or somewhere else as well as investing in storage shelving for laundry baskets and other items that currently occupy space on the floor.

If you are adding a smaller bathroom to your house then there is plenty of space saving opportunities. You may only require a small shower as well as one small sink and a toilet which can easily be added to a small area. Look into shelving units as well as a cupboard under the sink for extra storage space and to make the most out of this small area.

Creating room for a new bathroom in your house is all about working with what you have. If you are not willing to completely renovate your house and add on space through a room addition, then you can look into internally adding a bathroom with the extra space that you have. However, it is important to speak to a professional and let them see what type of house you have to determine the best place to add a new bathroom. This will all depend on the size, the structure and the plumbing facilities available in your home.

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