How Should I Deal with Aggressive Pets?

Whether your dog is uncomfortable around strangers or tends to be aggressive toward everyone in your home, this is a dangerous situation that needs to be dealt with to avoid making home insurance claims regularly. A dog bite can cause serious injury, even if you have a small breed. Techniques as to how to defuse this situation and teach your pet better techniques for associating with people will vary depending on what type of aggressive symptoms they are showing so you will need to evaluate your personal situation before proceeding with any type of training or punishment.

Territorial dogs will act aggressively when they are trying to protect property or belongings they think belongs to them. It is not uncommon to witness dogs barking when strangers come onto their property or they notice another dog nearby but this behavior should not interfere with your ability to have guests in your home. In order to prevent this type of behavior you must train your dog to understand that you are the leader and property belongs to you and not him. They must be taught when aggressive behavior is necessary and when it is not appropriate so they can react to threats and guests appropriately.

Many other dogs act aggressively when they are frightened because they are unsure as to whether or not they will need to defend themselves. This is often an issue when dogs are shy or you have just brought a new pet into the home. When attempting to correct this type of aggression introduce your dog to strangers or other animals slowly, in a quiet environment with you present. Have them meet one person or animal at a time so they have a chance to get used to the situation and can react calmly rather than being overwhelmed.

When starting on a training program or sending your pet to an obedience school it is important that you are consistent and follow through with any forms of discipline you decide to undertake. You do not need to be aggressive in order to combat aggressiveness, but you do need to be firm. The idea behind training is to teach a dog that certain stimulants will earn certain responses. Therefore the reward or punishment for various actions must be the same every time your dog acts in order for the lesson to be effective.

Evaluating Solutions

If you are dealing with a dog that is uncomfortable or aggressive around strangers, be honest with yourself about situations they can or cannot handle. Until their training is complete or you feel confident they will not have a bad reaction around your guests, keep them in a separate room where they can sleep or play without coming into contact with those who have entered your home. Forcing a dog to cope with a situation in which they are uncomfortable will only increase the chance that they will injure someone and you will have to deal with the medical and legal ramifications of their actions.

It is not uncommon for dogs to challenge your dominance, especially if you are trying to adjust aggressive pet behavior that has already become a problem in your home. In order to combat this you must control every aspect of your dog's life, from where they sleep to when they eat or play. They must understand that they are not the leader of your family or pack and must mind when given orders. Allowing your dog to slide when they misbehave gives them the impression that they can challenge your authority which will lead to more aggression issues down the road.

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