Dealing with Scuffed Linoleum

There are many reasons to choose linoleum flooring for non-carpeted rooms of your home. Linoleum is cheap, durable, eco-friendly and comes in a variety of styles that are sure to set the tone you want for your room. Of course, all of these reasons go straight out the door as soon as you get an ugly scratch or scuff on your floor. But if this happens all hope is not lost. There are plenty of ways to save your floor from scuff marks to keep it looking like new for years, which will be helpful if you have young children around the house.

Keeping Your Floor Beautiful

Handling a scuff mark will vary depending on the type of linoleum you have in your home. If you have waxed floor then you will need to make sure you do not allow generous amounts of water to pool on the floor because this can get underneath the wax, causing damage. You will also need to reapply was whenever your linoleum starts looking dull to prevent damage and ward off scuff marks. An unwaxed should always use a diluted pH-neutral cleaner so the cleanser does not break down the composition of your floor making it soft and less durable.

Once you have a scuff on your floor there are a few ways to proceed. One of the most common tricks to getting a scuff off linoleum is by erasing it. Simply take a pencil eraser and rub it across the scuff much like you would do when removing a mistake on a piece of paper. You do not need to push very hard in order to see the results you like. If you notice the pencil is smearing the scuff or having no effect then do not use more force, simply more onto another cleaning method to avoid doing damage.

If you notice the scuff on your floor is smearing or stubborn then dish washing detergent may be able to break it down enough to wipe it away. Mix dish washing detergent with warm water until it is sudsy and apply it to the scuff with a sponge or brush with soft bristles. Avoid anything stiff that could leave a scratch mark. Scrub at the scuff gently applying more detergent as necessary until you can wipe away the offending mark. Be sure to dry the floor afterward to avoid having anyone slip on the water or allowing the water to damage the wax seal on your floor.

If you feel you need to scrub in order to get the scuff mark off your floor then a toothbrush is an ideal tool to give you the scrubbing power you need without the worry that you will scratch the floor. You can use this method with dish detergent or regular toothpaste to remove the scuff. You will need to determine which cleaning agent is more effective depending on what caused the scuff. If you are using toothpaste on your linoleum use a brand that is white so you do not need to worry about added coloring causing added marks on your floor.

Dealing with scuffed linoleum can be time consuming. If you want to avoid having to do this chore every day then try to keep track of what shoes you wear in any room that has linoleum flooring. Shoes with rubber soles have a much greater chance of leaving a scuff as opposed to a tennis shoe or other casual footwear. The more careful you are about keeping problematic shoes and furniture away from your linoleum the less time you will have to spend scrubbing it.

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