Do I Need Additional Coverage for my Detached Garage?

Understanding what your homeowners insurance policy actually covers is going to be important to you getting the right coverage. If you don't know what all is covered under your policy, then you will have no way of knowing what is protected and what is not. This could put you at a great risk, if you are assuming that something is covered and it's not. You could be devastated if something happens and you can't get any money to help make repairs or replacements.

One thing that you need to think about when considering what your policy covers is your detached garage. If you have one of these on your property, then you need to make sure that it is protected in the same way that your home is protected. You can't just leave it vulnerable because you could stand to lose a lot of money if it is damaged in a storm or broken into my thieves. As such, you need to look over your policy and see what it says regarding structures such as detached garages on your property.

Check Your Policy

For most basic homeowners coverage policies, you will get coverage for detached structures. Most insurance companies will refer to this as Coverage B. Some companies, on the other hand, refer to this as Other Structures coverage. No matter what it is called, it's important for you to have it on your policy. If you don't, then you could lose some money in the long run. You should locate your policy now to check and see if you have this type of coverage. If you don't have it now, then you need to add it as soon as you can.

One thing that you need to check when looking at Coverage B is whether or not this is going to automatically cover these structures on your property, or if you have to specifically list them with your homeowners insurance provider. With some companies, they will only provide you with coverage if you have listed the specific structure you want to protect. With other companies, you won't have to do anything but secure and pay for the coverage. It's well worth checking which one yours is, as this could have a profound effect on you if you need to file a claim on your policy.

Coverage B is going to provide you with protection for the structure of your garage as well as some of its contents. If you store general things in here, such as lawn equipment and the like, then it should be no problem for your policy to cover items like this. If you are, however, storing much more valuable things in your detached garage, then you need to check with your provider about this. If, for example, you store a vintage car in this garage, it will probably not be covered under your policy.

Getting Even More Coverage

If you are considering whether or not you need additional coverage for your detached garage, you may want to purchase more coverage for the items that you store in it. As noted before, some items will not be covered traditionally, but there are some that can be covered if you get higher amounts of coverage. If, for example, you have a lot of expensive tools in your shed, then you may need to up your coverage levels to protect them. It's a good idea to take an inventory of your items before you decide on whether or not you want to increase coverage.

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