What Kind of Dog Breeds Can Live in Smaller Living Spaces?

Just because you live in a smaller apartment or house does not mean that you cannot get a dog. There are a number of smaller dog breeds that will happily keep you company when living in a smaller apartment or house. Do a little bit of research into the small and toy dog breeds that can come and live with you. Compare their temperaments and requirements to find the perfect companion in a small dog.

When living in an apartment or smaller living space you need to stick to smaller dogs, especially when purchasing new homeowners coverage. One good option is the pugs which generally do not grow more than 25 pounds. Pugs are actually quite lazy which is good for those that do not want to spend their evenings walking their pup or heading to the local dog park. Your pug will be your little companion perfectly happy to stay at home and dribble at your feet.

Active Small Breed Dogs

If you are living in a smaller space but are focused on getting out and about every day then a Scottish terrier is a good choice for you. These feisty little things needs their daily walk around the park. A few minutes is really all it takes to wear them down and ensure that both of you sleep easy at night.

Another exercise master is the schnauzer which is also suitable for smaller living spaces. They will be happy to lounge around on your couch during the day as long as they get a walk or some form of stimulation at the end of the day. Schnauzers are also great guard dogs as they are loyal and very protective of their family.

A Yorkshire terrier is also a safe choice for apartment dwellers as these teeny pups usually weigh less than 10 pounds. To them, a small one bedroom apartment is a mansion with plenty of space to move about and explore while you are at work. Another good little terrier for apartment life is the West Highland white terrier which is a playful and loving little creature that doesn't require much in terms of exercise. A walk at the end of the day to the shops will do him just fine.

There are several other dog breeds that are designed for apartment living include the whippet, the cocker spaniel and the Italian greyhound. However, even little dogs need plenty of love, attention and care from their owners. This is a basic requirement for all animals, small or large.

The problem with choosing a dog breed that is not meant for indoor apartment life is that they can become destructive and depressed if left inside all day long. Many dogs depend on your company and if they do not receive physical and mental stimulation, they get upset. Some will take their frustration out on your furniture, your shoes and anything else they can dig, chew or pee on, while others will mope around and become sad. Either way, this is something that all pet owners want to avoid.

While you can probably kiss your dream of owning a Border collie or Labrador goodbye, you can fall in love with several smaller breeds that are suitable for smaller living spaces. Keep in mind that there are other options when it comes to keeping pets in smaller spaces such as cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters and even fish. However, if you are set on having a dog, then make sure you stick to the kind of dog breeds that can live in smaller living spaces.

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