Encouraging Your Kids to Exercise

Encouraging your kids to exercise can be a challenge when you have to compete with television, video games and the comfort of your own home. Having kids that are out of shape is a common concern for parents these days and it is important to get these concerns under control before long-term health risks become a concern. The best way to get kids moving is to make exercising seem like fun instead of a chore, for example, install a basketball hoop in the driveway.

Finding Ways to Exercise

Your kids are not going to take your efforts to get them healthy seriously unless you are on-board too. Find ways to exercise that get the whole family involved so your children do not feel like they are being punished when you send them to exercise. This can be something as simple as heading to the park and playing catch to taking up a hobby such as bike riding or sports to get everyone in the family getting healthier.

If you are dealing with teenagers they probably do not want to do anything they do not think is cool. There are plenty of ways to use this to your advantage when encouraging them to get involved with fitness activities. Being healthy will give them more confidence at a time that is known for being awkward and uncomfortable for many. Joining sports teams or other physical activities such as color guard will give them the opportunity to make friends and feel like they have a place to fit in at school. Discuss these benefits in a way that will gain your children's interest without making them feel like you are judging them to get the most effect.

Parents who find their attempts at encouraging physical activity are being met with resistance will need to find ways to keep their family motivated. If your kids do not like sports they may not want to join a team or go play at the park. Think about what your family likes so you can marry activities to their interests. Explain to your kids why you want them to be more active and have an open conversation about the benefits so everyone is on the same page about the goals you are trying to set. Ask your kids what they would like to do to get more exercise to see if they have any interesting suggestions.

Getting active does not mean you need to buy a lot of equipment or start a grueling schedule. You can start small by adding extra activity to your everyday schedule. Walk around the mall with your daughter or take your sun out for a bike ride. Simply parking farther away from the store or asking your kids to help you do chores that involve going up and down the stairs can help get them moving. Start small and build on your progress so no one gets overwhelmed with an exercise routine that is more than they can handle.

No one wants their kids to be unhealthy or unhappy. Encouraging your kids to exercise can eliminate these concerns and add extra benefits to their lives. Those who are more active and use their body in a positive way tend to have fewer issues with problems such as depression that you want to avoid for your children. You also will not have to worry about their long-term health if everyone in the family is taking steps to stay in shape and take care of themselves. All you need to do is find the right activity that will keep everyone motivated and having fun while they do the work.

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