Should I Enroll my Dog in Obedience School?

Have you just gotten a puppy and already notice bad dog behavior? This is all a part of having a puppy. One option you have is to train him, either on your own or through an obedience school. Going to obedience school is good for both you and for the dog. You will gain a sense of confidence and learn the tricks of the trade while your dog will learn who is boss.

Obedience Training Schools

Obedience schools vary in length and structure. They may be for every day of the week all day or they may be for one hour per week for 12 weeks. Whatever the case make sure you can commit to every session. This is not something that you just drop your puppy off at; you get to participate as well. After all, the whole point to dog training is to teach them to listen to you inside your home, not to a teacher at a dog school.

Dog training schools tend to train your pet the basic commands such as sit, stay, roll over, speak, up, down, etc. You can teach your pet all of these commands on your own but it can be fun to do it in a social setting with other people and other dogs. You can also expect to pay a few dollars to each session. Most schools operate on a term basis so you will need to pay for the entire term up front.

One flaw to pet obedience schools, however, is that some pets are not able to focus when there are so many other dogs around to sniff and play with. However, this is something they need to learn now, not later. Putting him in this position will teach him that there is a time to socialize and a time to listen to his master.

Other Ways to Train Puppy

In addition to going to obedience school together there are several other things you can do to gain control of your pet. You need to show your pet that you are master but that you also love and respect him. Taking him for a walk is a simple way to show him both. Make sure you keep him tightly on the leash and call out commands while you walk for him to practice. Bring along treats to give him when he behaves himself.

When he does not behave himself and takes off after the nearest dog in the park, then you need to gather him back on the lead, give him a firm NO and keep him close to your side. Do not let him off the leash until he is ready and will still walk beside you even without the leash on his neck.

You can also do other things with your dog to help him learn his place. Take him for drives with you. Let him spend the day outside while you work and play fetch or ball with him for a few minutes each night. All of these things will help your pup become better adjusted and happy which is what makes a good loyal dog in the first place.

All owners should enroll their dog in obedience school. But, keep in mind that some dogs are quite hyper active as puppies. In fact, all puppies are crazy. It takes a few months, even years, for some breeds to settle down. Your puppy should be acting more like a calm and collective dog by the end of the second year. However, some dogs never lose this puppy stage. Be grateful for this- you will miss it when it is gone.

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