Family Friendly Winter Exercises

It can seem like a difficult task to get up and get moving when the weather is unpleasant. While in other seasons you could simply take the family to the park or walk around the block for a bit of exercise, in the winter you will need to be more creative. Mixing fun with physical activity can be a great way to get everyone involved.

Getting the Family Outdoors

A great way to get the family exercising is to find an activity everyone can do that does not feel like a chore. A weekend sledding or skiing trip will get everyone plenty of exercise but feels very different than a day at the gym. If you have young children, even going outside to build a snow fort or have a snowball fight can be all the inspiration they need to get up and get moving. See what community activities might be going on at your local park that might be fun to join in.

Those who usually power walk or run can still keep their routine up throughout the winter. As long as you are exercising in an area where snow and ice has been cleared so you do not need to worry about losing your footing and your area does not have any warnings issued for the temperature you should be perfectly safe. Just be careful to dress in appropriate layers so you are not too cold but do not need to worry about overheating either.

If you have outdoor activities planned, it is important to prepare your body properly. Exercising in the cold can be hard on your lungs if you go straight from a relaxed state to inhaling a great deal of cold air. Before you head outside to exercise make sure you do a few stretches or body warm-ups to increase your body temperature so you have more resistance to the cold. Warming up before exercising also helps prevent injury and excess strain on your muscles.

Finding Indoor Activities

Many gyms and family fitness centers have activities available for all age groups. This can range from aerobics for very small children to dance classes to martial arts. Talk with your family about activities they would like to try. In addition to getting fit you may find you have a whole new hobby everyone can share.

If you have older children in the house that are interested in starting a more traditional exercise routine, you can often find gyms that are willing to offer family rates. See if the location has trainers that can help someone that is new to an exercising routine get started with a workout that is appropriate for their body type. Have everyone in your family set unique goals for the progress they wish to make so you can encourage each other to keep up with the routine without the worry of who is doing the best.

Finding family friendly winter exercises to do can be an easy task if you are willing to think outside the box when it comes to ways to stay fit and be active. Not only do you want to find exercises that will be beneficial to the overall health of each member of your household, but you want to get a routine going that does not feel like a burden or a chore. Taking the time to discuss the options you have with your family, learning what interests everyone has and what is available in your community can make a large step toward starting exercise goals that are beneficial and fun at the same time.

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