Filing a Home Insurance Claim

When damage occurs to your home such as that caused by fire, wind storm, or another listed peril on your home insurance policy, you an file a home insurance claim. This is so you can be reimbursed for the damage. You then use the money to repair the issue.

It is vital that you repair any damage done to your home for the fact that damage reduces home value, so you must restore the home as soon as possible. Your home insurance keeps you from having to pay for the damages out of your pocket.


The moment that damage occurs, you need to contact your home insurance company. You do not want to wait too long because the validity of your claim could decrease. For instance, a storm hits and causes a tree branch to go through a window. Rather than you having to go to the local glass store and have them come and outfit your window with new glass, you call your insurance company.

When you call, you tell them of the damage. That damage will be assessed and then you will be reimbursed after the proper paperwork is filed and the damage isn't considered under what is not covered by your policy. It is then that you can have the glass company replace the glass within the window.

You do need to review your homeowner's insurance policy to see what perils are covered. For example, the area you live in may not be susceptible to earthquakes, but suddenly one hits and causes damage to your home. If earthquakes are not covered, then the damage done to your home is not covered.

If you are not entirely sure a peril is covered, simply call and you can find out that way. There are only so many events that can be listed, although there are some strange happenings that can cause damage to a home.

But what if someone else comes onto the property and causes the damage? What do you do then? Well, you can inform your homeowner's insurance company. They may reimburse you for the damages, but then pursue the responsible party in order to reimburse themselves for what they paid you. This is one way in which insurance companies save money. For example, if someone exits the road and they hit your home with their car, the insurance company will pursue their auto insurance. If property damage is not a part of their policy, that person could be sued for damages. In the meantime, you're paid to make repairs.


You also have liability coverage as a part of your home insurance. If someone is visiting your home and they have an accident as a result of your unintentional negligence, they may file a claim against you to pay for their medical expenses.

So when an accident occurs, the first thing you want to do is let your insurance company know so that they can be prepared for a claim to come through. If legal claim is filed against you for payment of medical expenses and other compensation, this claim needs to be turned over to your home insurance company. That way they can take care of the technicalities of the claim. When filing a home insurance claim you may go to court in order for the damages to be determined and awarded to the injured, but it will be your insurance company making paying the compensation.

So as you can see, the claims process is not hard. You will need to look at your policy to determine the first step in filing a claim. You will also find that it's okay to contact your insurance company when events occur so that they can make note and be prepared.

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