Where Can I Find a Good Boarding Facility for my Pet?

Going on holidays can be quite stressful if you have pets. You want to be sure that they are taking care of and that they will not fret the entire time you are away. There are several options available if you cannot take your pet with you on holiday. You may wish to have a friend take care of your dog or you may choose to have a neighbour feed and look after your cat. Or, you may choose to put your pet in a boarding facility for 24 hour care and assistance.

Finding a good boarding facility is hard as you never know exactly what happens behind closed doors. Even though there are public and private kennels and boarding facilities that offer spay and neutering services, there are still downsides to these facilities. The pound and the SPCA, for example, often have a special area for boarding animals away from the adoption center. However, the bad thing about these kennels is that there is not a lot of love that goes into taking care of your pet. They will generally be locked in a kennel alone for 23 hours a day and let out alone for one hour to sniff the small grounds. This is not much fun for your pet and they may become depressed or angry because of it.

Pet Boarding Kennels

The good news for pet owners, however, is that pet boarding facilities also exist in a private setting. There are people that offer boarding facilities in their own backyard as a business. The good thing about this option is that you know the people that are taking care of your pet are doing so because they love it; it is their business, not just their job.

Another good thing about private boarding facilities is that the owners will generally be there 24/7 or close by. Furthermore, they tend to spend more time with each pet individually and sometimes will even let similar dogs out together for a social play rather than a solitary sniff around. However, not all private boarding facilities are the same so be sure to do your research and compare the different facilities.

When you are looking for a good boarding facility you need to look at three different criteria. First of all, meet the owner/operator of the business. Do they have a passion for their job; Do they connect with your pet; Do they show love and affection towards animals? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you may want to move on.

Secondly, ask to see the boarding facilities before you make your decision. Or, book your pet in for a day before you go on holidays so you can have a look around without seeming too invasive. Is the boarding facility clean? Is it small and is there plenty of room for your dog to run around and play? This should be important for some pet owners.

Third of all, look at the other pets and the protocol for allowing animals in. Does the boarding kennel take all types of animals, good, injured, old, young, mean, nice? Do you need to have a vaccination certificate and have your pet properly ticked before coming in? If so, then this is a good sign that your pet will not pick up any disease when lodging there.

You can find a good boarding facility by checking the yellow pages and searching online. Ask other pet owners where they leave their animal and always ask questions. Don't hesitate to make a few phone calls and set up a viewing time. This is your pet you are talking about, after all.

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