Fixing a Broken Closet Door

It is very easy for a bilfold closet door to get stuck or fall off its track. This can make using your closet a chore when it should not have to be. Most closet fixes can be done very quickly and with very basic tools so you do not need to worry about having to go out and buy new materials just to get into your closet in the morning. It is simply a matter of diagnosing what the problem is so you can use the most effective method in solving it, similarly to the way you would go about solving bathtub stain issues or a leaky roof.

A Door that Sticks

The most common issues that cause a bilfold door to stick are a rusty hinge or an abrasive surface catching the bottom of the door. To adjust a sticky hinge, simply spray some WD40 into the joints and move the door back and forth until you see results. If your door is sticking on something on the track then you may need to adjust the height. When you look at the track you should see the bracket that holds the door in place with a screw that adjusts the height. Loosen this screw, then slide the bracket so it is even with the door jamb, then tighten it back into place.

If your closet door is sticking on the carpet then you will need to adjust the size of the door. Measure half an inch up from the top of your carpeting and mark this point on the door. Remove the door from its track and score the area you need to remove with a razor blade. Then use a saw or crosscut blade to remove the portion of the door you marked. Sand this edge smooth and replace the door on its track.

Replacing Broken Parts

Sometimes it is not a specific problem with a door that you have to worry about, but it is simply a matter of a part that has given way. In most cases you can simply bring your damaged piece into a hardware store and replace it with a similar piece. Of course, if you are asking for help or where to find things it is much easier if you know what part you are working with and what its function is. You can probably name basics like the handle or the track but the inner workings of the track might need a bit of explanation.

One of the most common pieces to break on a closet door is the top roller. This is the wheel that allows the door to slide on its track with a pivot on the end to hold it in place. Usually you screw these into the door and set them on a bar on the track so they can glide. You may also need to replace the bottom brackets that secure the track on the floor. This keeps the door from swinging back and forth as you open it. These resemble a bracket that is screwed into the door and floor with a screw protruding that is used to adjust the height of the door.

Fixing a broken closet door does not need to take a great deal of time if you are aware of what you are doing and what needs to be done. Before you start cutting on your doors or throwing away parts take the time to examine all of the parts to make sure you know exactly what is wrong. You may find a simple adjustment in height is all you need to get your door swinging properly again.

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