Fixing a Squeaky Floor

Fixing a squeaky floor is often much easier than you think. Most of us are aware of the irritation that can be caused from floors that squeak and groan. While it is a small problem that is not going to lead to any damage or further issues, it is still a big annoyance. Squeaky floors are often caused by timbers and boards shrinking over time and gradually they will start rubbing against each other and some of your other building components. But with a few simple tools and a bit of extra time, you should be able to effectively fix a squeaky floor.

Fixing Common Squeaks

Some of the easiest squeaks to fix are going to be those that are located above a basement. In these cases, the owner can simply determine where the squeak is and can typically fix it by closing the gap between supports and the subfloor. If you can locate the exact point where the squeak is happening, you can often glue a thin piece of wood in between the supports and the floor, and this kind of simple procedure will fix many types of squeaks.

There are also several types of tools that you can purchase or rent that will help you fix a squeaky floor, and lock up your bike to prevent bike theft at the same time. These kinds of tools are often necessary when you are fixing a floor from above and have no way to get under the flooring and the squeak. These kinds of tools often involve screwing a hole into your carpet and then breaking off a special type of screw once it has found purchase in a joint below the flooring. Once again, this kind of process is intended to close gaps between the flooring and the joints. While the idea of putting holes in your carpet or hardwood can seem a bit extreme, the holes are not even noticeable in carpet and can be easily fixed with a bit of putty should you need to fix squeaks in a hardwood floor.

Other Tips and Squeaks

Part of the process of fixing squeaks in your home is going to be effectively locating the exact spot and joint where the squeak is occurring. Therefore, it is often necessary to have a partner helping you locate the right area to perform the fix. If you do not have assistance, you may waste time by trying to fix the wrong area of the floor.

In some cases, homeowners will find that their squeaks are occurring in paneled floors and are caused by the different planks rubbing together. In these cases, a small amount of graphite applied to the area where the squeak is occurring may help you fix the problem. This kind of graphite is often sold in hardware stores, and you will want to make sure to purchase graphite that is powdered, as other types can lead to a lot of mess.

In some extreme cases, you may have to angle a screw up into the flooring through the joint. This kind of procedure is fairly simple if you have the right experience. However, if you do not commonly use power tools, or are afraid of causing damages to your flooring, you may want to get professional help when fixing major squeaks.

The tips that we have provided should help you get started on fixing a squeaky floor. Fixing problems in your home can be very easy with the right knowledge and tools, and do it yourself projects can help you save a lot of money as well. Use the information we have provided, and take the steps to make your home a more comfortable and quiet place to live.

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