Fort Collins Homeowners Insurance

Fort Collins Homeowners Insurance

Fort Collins homeowners insurance is an important part of your personal risk management and financial planning strategies. Without adequate coverage for your valuable assets, you may incur serious losses if a fire, wind storm, explosion, blizzard or other disaster affects your home. If you don't have a Colorado homeowners insurance policy, you are also vulnerable to theft and other criminal activities.

When you purchase a house in Fort Collins, the bank or other financial institution that holds your mortgage will require that you protect your home with Colorado house insurance. However, Fort Collins homeowners who value their property in this family-oriented college town cover their homes even after they've paid off their mortgages. Protect yourself and your family's source of security with a reliable Fort Collins homeowners insurance policy.

Comprehensive Home Protection in CO

As the owner of a house in Fort Collins, you have the option to purchase different levels of homeowners protection. The most basic propety insurance policies cover a set of common perils in CO, including fire, electrical or wind storms, damage by vehicles or aircraft, ice damage, water overflow from ruptured pipes or broken appliances, theft and vandalism. Any hazard that isn't named on this list will not be covered by your Fort Collins homeowners insurance policy if you buy this standard version of coverage.

More comprehensive policies provide open perils protection. With an open perils plan, your property is protected against any possible peril, with the exception of a few hazards that are specified in your contract. Earthquake, flood, landslide or mudslide damage are often excluded from CO homeowners insurance plans. Homeowners who are at risk for a flood, earthquake or another excluded hazard may secure their homes against these perils with separate policies.

Fort Collins homeowners can augment their coverage with special additions to their policies. A guaranteed full replacement plan pays for the costs of rebuilding your home after a covered disaster, even if construction costs for your new dwelling exceed the home's value. Riders to cover the costs of inflation and expenses for upgrading your house to meet new construction codes are also available.

You can purchase floaters to cover high-priced jewelry or other belongings that exceed the maximum limit provided in your personal property plan. You can also expand the basic personal liability protection in your policy to provide additional coverage if you are sued by someone who's injured on your property. Adding a no-fault medical payments option to your personal liability protection will cover medical bills for minor injuries if your guests or visitors are hurt while they're in your house or on your land.

Insuring an Older Colorado Home

The tree-lined streets of Fort Collins, home to a large campus of Colorado State University, have many gracious older homes. Insuring an older house can be a challenge, especially if your dwelling has structural damage, old plumbing or faulty wiring. A special version of Fort Collins homeowners insurance for older homes is available that replaces your residence at its actual cash value, or its original value minus a deduction for depreciation.

Having your older dwelling retrofitted to bring it up to current safety codes may lower your insurance premiums while enhancing the security of your household. If your plumbing or electrical wiring need to be updated, consider having these improvements made to make your Fort Collins homeowners insurance more affordable. Updated plumbing and new appliances will reduce your risks of water damage.

Some homes in Fort Collins are very difficult to insure due to their age or structural conditions. If you own one of these properties, request quotes from a number of insurance companies before you give up on getting the protection that your property deserves. You may have better luck being insured by the same company that provides your car coverage. Ask the claims manager at your current company for help in finding reliable coverage.

If all else fails, contact your state insurance department to notify them that you're unable to get Fort Collins homeowners insurance for your residence. Your property may need repairs before you can qualify for certain premiums. The more improvements you're able to make in your residence, the more secure your dwelling will be and the more affordable your rates will become.

Fort Collins Homeowners Insurance Online

If you've just bought your house, buying Fort Collins homeowners insurance is just one of the many tasks you have to complete. Finding an affordable policy doesn't have to consume a lot of your time. Compare rates from multiple companies using this website as your guide. You'll be able to secure a policy that fits your needs without making endless phone calls when you take advantage of this online resource. Protect your new investment with a plan that will make you feel safe and comfortable in your new residence.

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