Georgia Homeowners Insurance

Georgia homeowners insurance is surprisingly affordable especially compared to the cost of replacing a residence and the valuables in it due to damage from fire, theft or other catastrophe. Whether it is a plantation in Savannah, GA, or a house in Columbus, GA, if you are a homeowner, you should consider the importance of purchasing a homeowners policy to cover your house and your valuables in Georgia.

Why Buy Homeowners Insurance?

There are many reasons to cover your residence with Georgia homeowners insurance. A home is one of the biggest investments many people will ever make. Georgia homeowners insurance will help protect that investment. If you take stock of everything you own, you will quickly see how costly replacing those items can be. From jewelry to clothing, to appliances, you can cover everything in your Georgia residence with a homeowners policy.

If you have children and your home is the place to be on a Saturday afternoon, you can rest assured that the liability clause in the homeowners insurance protection will provide coverage in case one of your children's friends are injured while visiting your home. This coverage will cover not only the medical costs of someone injured at your home, but also the litigation if you are sued because of the injury.

If you have outbuildings on your property, the Georgia homeowners insurance will provide coverage for them as well. If you plan to keep valuables such as tools, riding lawnmowers, or rototillers in the outbuildings, you will want to be sure to increase the limits of coverage on the outbuildings to cover the cost of the replacement of high cost items.

Saving on Premiums

The cost of Georgia homeowners insurance is based on the age and location of the home, the building material it is made from, security features, risks, and the credit history of the owner. There are several ways to save on the premiums for Georgia homeowners insurance. A premium is the monthly or yearly cost for your homeowners coverage. One of the biggest ways to save on these costs is to increase your deductible. Deductibles are the portion of the cost of the damage that is your responsibility. For instance, if your deductible is $2000 and your damage equals $10,000, the provider will cover $8000 and your portion will be $2000. By increasing the deductibles on the policy, you can decrease the premiums you pay each month.

Other ways to save on premiums include putting all of your policies under one provider or paying your premiums up front in full. Putting all of your policies under one provider provides you with huge savings on all of your insurance through a multi-policy discount. You will be surprised at how much you can save on your home, auto, boat, and even business insurance by combining them under one insurer. Some providers will also provide discounts for senior citizens or for active military personnel. If you fall in one of these categories be sure ask your provider if they include these discounts.

Does your Georgia home have a security system or fire alarms? If the home has security systems or fire alarms that are monitored by an outside company, you can realize excellent discounts. You can also increase these discounts if you add sprinkler systems, deadbolt locks on the exterior doors, and fencing. All of these items will not only provide you with savings on your Georgia policy premiums, but will give you an increased sense of security as well.

Understanding Hazard Insurance

Basic Georgia homeowners insurance will cover the house, valuables, outbuildings, and provide personal liability insurance in case tragedy strikes. It does not generally cover for damages incurred due to flood, hurricanes, landslides, or earthquakes. For these items, you can include a special clause called hazard insurance. Hazard policies are specific coverage for items such as floods, hurricanes, or windstorms. If you live in a flood zone, or have the possibility of hurricane damage, as is the case in Georgia, you may want to increase your coverage by adding a hazard clause to cover you for these disasters. There are many other types of homeowners hazard coverage available. Talk to your provider to determine which one you need.

Georgia homeowners insurance can provide you with peace of mind and a sense of security. No matter what kind of house you own in Georgia, you can be sure that there is a policy to fit your needs. Determine what your insurance requirements are by first identifying the replacement costs of your personal items and your home. Compare quotes from top providers and be sure to request any available discounts they have available. By purchasing Georgia homeowners insurance today, you can begin covering your home tomorrow.

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