How Can I Get Rid of Fleas for Good?

Unfortunately, you're not the first person or the last to ask, how can I get rid of fleas for good? Once you understand how they operate, then you will be better informed as to what procedures are required. However, if you don't want to spend time on this subject, how can you just get through this mess without spending a ton of money or making a home insurance claim? Clearly, the fleas are not healthy for your pets or your family members who may be residing in the same place. The first step is to kill the existing adult fleas that are in the area. This is going to be a combination of carpet and furniture treatment, as well as pet treatments. After the adults have been killed, then you need to focus on the eggs.

Washing Affected Blankets and Furniture

Thankfully, fleas cannot live through the high heat of the soapy water in the washing machine. Take everything that has been exposed to the fleas and wash it as hot as you can, drying it in the same way. Do not put it back in the residence until you are sure all the remaining flea eggs have been removed. Do the same thing with your cleaned pets and keep them in a different place so they don't get re-infested. There will need to be a very detailed cleaning procedure at this residence before any of these items or living things should be brought back in. After cleaning everything thoroughly, go through it with a vacuum. If you have a vacuum that uses a bag, you must plan on throwing the entire bag away. That's because you may be picking up unhatched fleas and they can live inside the vacuum bag as well.

Cleaning Your Carpets Professionally

If you had ever planned on having your carpets cleaned by a professional, this is a great time to follow through. The hot steam of their machines will kill anything that has been left behind by your vacuuming efforts. Because there is a drying time that follows, you can be sure that any leftover fleas will be long gone by the time you get back. This is usually the last step in the process, unless you are going to follow up with an insecticidal shampoo of your own. If there has been a heavy infestation of fleas, then this double processing of the carpet might be a better idea. Even if it a double investment, it will be much better than having to pay for the cleanup mess all over again. The time invested will help you realize why it's important to keep up with these procedures.

Be sure to prepare any of the sleeping areas for the pets with cleaning products as well that are safe. You don't want to give them breathing problems but you do want to make sure they are protected. Consider having them wear flea collars for a time to discourage any future attacks. Spending the small amount on these flea collars or using treatments that are applied once a month will go a long way towards keeping everyone healthy.

Also, keep them clean with regular baths and using flea shampoo during those times. If they are trying to heal from several flea bites, make sure you treat them with the right medicine so they don't itch unnecessarily. Asking, how can I get rid of fleas for good, is a good place to start. Continue using that information and you won't have to pay for future outbreaks.

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