Hampton Homeowners Insurance

Hampton homeowners insurance gives you the security that you and your family need at affordable premiums. Your home is not only one of your most significant financial assets -- it's the center of comfort and stability for your loved ones. To ensure that the members of your household have a place where they feel safe, invest in a Virginia homeowners policy that provides coverage for any possible hazard.

The origins of Hampton, VA date back to the early 1600s. Today Hampton is a fast-paced, economically diverse community that takes advantage of all the conveniences that modern life has to offer. Whether you live in a contemporary condo in Hampton or in one of the city's historic houses, you can benefit from the protection of a Hampton homeowners insurance policy.

Covered and Non-Covered Perils in VA

In the state of Virginia, homeowners appreciate knowing that their insurance will pay benefits for any potential peril, except for a small number of exclusions named in their contracts. HO-3 policies, as these plans are called by homeowners insurance specialists, provide this form of coverage, which is the most popular plan in VA. A more basic option, the HO-2, is available, which covers only a specific set of perils, including fire, electrical or wind storms, explosions, riots, water damage from ruptured plumbing, problems with electrical wiring, burglary or vandalism, among others.

As you compare home owner quotes from several different Hampton homeowners insurance providers, ask an agent or broker to clarify exactly what these policies cover. You may be unpleasantly surprised if you invest in a Hamptom homeowners insurance policy, only to learn too late that it doesn't cover flood damage, mold, landslides or the effects of inadequate maintenance. Talk with your agent to make sure that you're getting the maximum amount of protection for your money.

Finding a Hampton Homeowners Agent

A Hampton homeowners insurance agent should be licensed to sell coverage in the state of Virginia. You can contact the state governing agency if you have any doubts about an agent's background or credentials. Look for a helpful, attentive professional who doesn't pressure you to purchase options that you don't need.

Before you talk with a Hampton homeowners insurance agent, gather the information that you need to provide. If you're a new home-buyer, your mortgage lender will require that you invest in a homeowners insurance policy. An agent will ask you about the age of your dwelling, its structural features, building materials and location.

Your proximity to a fire house may make a difference in your premiums. The closer you are to emergency services, the less likely you are to require Hampton insurance claims. Tell the agent about any safety features that exist in the house you're buying, such as a sprinkler system, smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, burglar alarms or storm windows.

When you're looking for Hampton homeowners insurance, don't forget to consider the company that provides your auto or life protection. If you can secure policies through the same company, you may qualify for a multiple-policies discount. Together, discounts on these premiums may add up to a considerable savings.

Protecting Your Valuables

In Hampton, many residents have precious belongings that they want to protect against damage or loss. Artwork, antique furniture, valuable clothing or jewelry, cameras and electronic equipment may be protected under your Hampton homeowners insurance contract. Before you buy a policy, verify with your agent whether the personal property coverage on your plan pays for the replacement value of your items, or only their cash value. The cash value of an item would include a deduction for depreciation.

Jewelry or other personal possessions that exceed a certain value may require a special coverage option called a floater. To ensure that all of your most valuable belongings are covered if you submit a Hampton homeowners insurance claim, take a regular inventory of all of your property. Your list should include the name of each item, the brand name and its original value. If possible, include the approximate date of purchase on your list.

Keep your inventory list in a safe place, along with other valuable documents, such as your original policy, your birth certificate and your will. If you can, take photos of your belongings that you can share with your claims adjuster if the need arises. If your items are destroyed in a fire or other major disaster, these photos will offer proof of your belongings' original condition.

Keeping your home and your valuables safe is the primary purpose of Hampton homeowners insurance. As an added benefit, an inclusive property owners insurance plan allows you to relax when you're at work, traveling or on vacation. Your laptop computer, camera, communication equipment, clothes, jewelry and other possessions are also secure while you're on the road under the terms of most contracts.

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