Hartford Homeowners Insurance

Hartford homeowners insurance protects more than just the house you occupy. Your CT homeowners insurance policy is a versatile plan that protects your overall security. Your home and its contents are among your most valuable assets. For greater peace of mind and financial stability, purchase a comprehensive Hartford homeowners insurance policy.

You don't have to travel far to find adequate homeowners insurance when you live in Hartford. Hartford, Connecticut is home to some of the largest insurance companies in the world. The city is one of the most economically productive communities in the United States, and its residents have plenty of options for protecting the assets that they work so hard to earn. When you purchase Hartford homeowners insurance, you know you'll receive prompt, supportive service when it's time to file a claim.

Components of CT Homeowners Insurance

Standard Hartford homeowners policies protect a number of areas of your financial life. Your Hartford homeowners policy covers the dwelling that you live in, including its structural elements and fixtures. Your Connecticut home owner policy also covers the external structures on your property, such as a detached garage, a greenhouse, gazebo, trellis or studio. Your coverage may also include the replacement of certain features of your landscape, such as trees and shrubs.

Your Hartford homeowners insurance contract may cover either the replacement value of your house or its actual cash value. The replacement value is the cost of rebuilding your residence, and the actual cash value represents the original value of your home with a deduction for depreciation. If you're unable to live in your house after a fire, explosion, ice storm or other disaster, you may receive loss of use benefits from your Hartford insurance provider to cover your lodging, food and other expenses while you're staying elsewhere.

The contents of your house are protected against any hazard named in your Hartford homeowners insurance policy. Personal property protection includes your furniture, kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, clothing, jewelry, cameras, computers, televisions and other belongings. Most policies do not cover the full replacement value of all your possessions; however, they will pay for a percentage of their total value, or for their total value minus costs of depreciation.

Personal liability protection is another benefit of having a Hartford homeowners insurance policy. This form of coverage protects you against the financial repercussions of a lawsuit if you are sued by someone who's injured on your property or in your home. Your personal liability plan also pays for damages to your visitors' property or the loss of personal belongings if you or your family members are responsible for these losses.

Calculating the Value of Your Home

Estimating your home's replacement value is an important part of calculating how much coverage you need to buy when you begin comparing house coverage quotes online and purchase a Hartford homeowners insurance plan. The age, building materials and square footage of your house are taken into account in order to arrive at a reasonable estimate for replacement. As a rough estimation, you can multiple the square footage of your residence by current construction costs per square foot.

Insuring your residence for its guaranteed replacement value means that you'll receive benefits to rebuild your house using materials similar to the original structure, even if these costs are greater than the value of your dwelling. If you own an older dwelling, you may not be able to have your home insured for its full replacement value. Older Connecticut properties are often insured for their actual cash value.

Your Hartford homeowners insurance broker or your mortgage lender may recommend that you purchase a plan that covers all potential risks to your property. Fire, electrical or wind storms, damage from vehicles or aircraft, explosions, ice and hail, falling objects, steam or water overflow damage and other perils are commonly covered under Hartford homeowners policies. Flood damage is excluded from all standard plans, and insurance against floods must be purchased separately.

Comparing Quotes in CT

When you're shopping for coverage for this valuable asset, don't settle for the cheapest plan available. Make sure that your contract covers all of your requirements as a property owner in Connecticut. Ask your agent or broker to apply any available discounts, so that you can secure coverage at an affordable rate. You'll pay lower premiums if you're able to accept a higher deductible -- the amount that you contribute to insuring your residence before your benefits take over.

You can also reduce your payments by buying your auto coverage from the same company that sells you your Hartford homeowners insurance, which can save you money on both policies. Increasing the security of your residence may make you eligible for discounts. When you install devices such as burglar alarms, smoke detectors, storm windows and hail-resistant roofs, you'll lower your premiums while increasing your family's safety.

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