Can I Have a Large Dog in an Apartment?

Having a large dog in an apartment can be a recipe for disaster if you do not have the proper amount of home insurance. Even if you own the apartment you still may not be allowed to have a dog in there. This depends on the rules in place through your condo or builders association, the group of members that make up the rules for the entire complex.

Your condo association will often have rules in place when it comes to pets in the complex in general. Often complexes will be no pets allowed or will only allow small dogs or cats. This may seem unfair and you can talk to the members about allowing a larger dog to live with you. However, be prepared to get turned down as living in a tight space with a large animal can be hard on the owner, the dog as well as the other tenants.

There are a number of things to consider when you live in an apartment with a large dog. If you want to get a dog then you might look at choosing a breed that is suitable for apartment living. Smaller dogs and even some midsized dogs will be quite content in a small space. Large dogs, on the other hand, normally need more space to be free as well as a backyard which apartments often do not have.

If you already have a large dog that is used to living in a big house then transitioning to an apartment may be hard for him to handle. Moving can be hard on an animal in general without going from a large backyard to no backyard at all. Make sure you think about his temperament and his personality when determining whether to an apartment is the right decision for the both of you. If your dog is quite old and not very mobile then he might be happy to settle down in an apartment for his retirement.

Dogs and Apartments

Another thing to remember when it comes to having a large dog in an apartment is that dogs will make a mess. You cannot expect a large dog to hold in his wee all day long and often he will have to if you are at work 10 hours a day and not home to walk him until after dark. A dog may get destructive when bored and restless which means you could come home to damaged shoes, broken furniture, chewed table legs and ripped pillows.

Think about the size and space of your apartment when looking into getting a large dog. A large dog will take up room and you can expect to clean up after him a lot more. The dog fur may be all over your furniture and carpets and you might find that you are vacuuming much more often than if the dog remains outside for the most of the day. You should also check to see if the apartment has some sort of outdoor area, such as a balcony or courtyard. This will give your dog a little time to spend outside, even if it is just having a nap in the shade on your deck.

There may not be any rules in place against dogs in your apartment but this does not necessarily mean you can have a dog in your apartment. You need to think about the type of dog, his age and his personality when determining if this type of home would be a good fit. Also, think about your lifestyle and your commitment to walking him every day and cleaning up after the mess he makes in your apartment.

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