Should I Hire a Contractor to Paint my Home?

There are several different questions to ask yourself when determining if you are better off hiring a contractor to paint your home or just doing it yourself. On the one hand, a contractor is going to be more expensive; however, on the other hand, they will also handle all the expenses and the labor while practicing good safety tips during home improvements. If you are doing it yourself, you will still need to spend money on the paint as well as the various products including rollers, paint brushes, varnish, etc which can add up. Try to put the costs aside and also focus on the following questions when determining whether you should hire a contractor to paint your home.

One of the questions you need to ask yourself is how good are you at painting. If you have never painted before, you may wish to stick to an expert and hire a contractor. However, keep in mind that painting is not extremely difficult and, if you do have patience and a keen artistic eye, then you may actually be able to pick it up in no time.

If you have never painted before, then it is a good idea to start with a small area in the home, such as your garage or your office. If it does not look right and you hate it, then you know that painting is not for you and the next time around, you can hire a contractor. Some people really love painting while others cannot stand it. You never know until you try, however.

Contractor Vs DIY Painting

Another question you should ask yourself when deciding whether to hire a contractor to paint your home or just DIY, is where are you are painting. Painting the spare room is a lot different than painting the entire exterior of your home. The former can most likely be done in a weekend on your own while the latter may take weeks to do if you are doing it yourself.

With this being said, however, you can still hire a contractor to do both interior and exterior jobs. If you are putting on a fresh new coat of paint in the same color to your exterior, then this will be a lot easier and less noticeable than if you are completely changing the color of the siding as well as the fascia boards and soffits.

Another important question to ask yourself is if you have the time, and the patience, to paint. Painting the exterior of your home is going to take several hours. If you are not working then this may be a project you can do. However, if you are working 40 hours a week, then you will need to only paint on the weekends which can go on and on and on. You may get bored halfway through and this is not a good thing at all.

If you are painting an area in your house, then it may only take a weekend. However, painting is not just about slapping paint to the wall; you also need to prep the area by removing any damaged paint, cleaning the area with either a cloth or a power washer for exterior painting and adding masking tape to all the sides, windows and walls. If this all seems too much for you, then perhaps hiring a contractor to paint your home is the best bet. However, if you have the time, have the artistic talent and have the desire to take on a challenge, then paint away!

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