Homes for College Students

If you are the parent of a college student then you are faced with the decision of where to house them while they are in school. Room and board is becoming a very expensive part of the higher education cost. After their student lives on campus their freshman and sophomore year, more and more parents are looking for other alternatives to on campus housing.

With the first couple years of college under their belts, many students can become weary of the college life constantly surrounding them. On campus housing can be loud and full of distractions for the serious student that is very focused on their learning process. The more mature student may begin to desire a living environment that is peaceful and quiet allowing more focused study time. This is one reason that they begin looking for off campus housing.

Furthermore, many on campus housing have become overcrowded and colleges and universities simply do not have the space to offer housing to the upper classmen. Because of this many students in their junior and senior year are forced to live elsewhere. And, their search for off campus housing begins.

Off Campus Housing Options

Students that are looking to live off campus may consider asking some close friends with similar educational interests to rent a local apartment with them while of course not forgetting to plan for cheap monthly payments. This can prove to be a good choice if the roommates they choose are looking for the same living situation. If your student is looking for a home that is a quiet place to study, make sure that they discuss this expectation with their roommates before they move in together so that they can avoid rooming with someone that will be throwing a party every night of the week.

Those who are lucky enough to go to school close to home can move back in with Mom and Dad. This is a great option for upper classmen as they may have already gone through the college experience and have grown from it. The ability to move back in with their parents to finish out their education is sometimes a welcome option for certain students.

Another viable off campus housing option is to find someone who is looking to rent a room to a college student. There are many people that choose to rent out the extra space in their home in order to have additional income. Before you choose this option make sure that you and your student meet with the person several times and that you are comfortable with them as a safe housing option for your child. Also, discuss any house rules or expectations they may have for your student tenant.

Buying a Home

Another option that many parents are considering is buying their student a home. As they are in their final years of their education they are preparing for their life after college. Now is a great time to move them into a home so that they can begin learning the lessons that come with homeownership.

This could actually save you money as sometimes the mortgage of a home is less than what on campus room and board would have cost. And you are not just throwing away your money on room and board or rent but instead you are investing in your student's future. This is why some parents consider buying homes for college students that no longer want to or can live on campus. A new home can also be a wonderful graduation present for your student as they are finishing up one chapter and moving on to the next.

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