How do I Make a Homeowners Insurance Claim?

Making a homeowners insurance claim is simple and quick. If this is the first time you have needed to file a claim you may be unsure where to start. Hopefully you have a great homeowners insurance policy from nationally known companies with an easy 800 number to call if your home or property has been affected. This is a good time to access your policy and claims list and look over the important information. You will need to know how much your deductible is and figure out if the damage is a covered loss. Making a claim on your homeowners insurance does not have to be difficult. Just follow a few easy steps and you will have a claims check in your pocket in no time.

Theft of Property

If your home has been vandalized there are specific steps you will need to follow to make sure your claim can be processed quickly. The first thing you will need to do is call the police and make a report. Even if you did not have a lot of high priced items stolen or damaged - your homeowners insurance policy will probably require a report from the policy. Second go throughout your home and make a list of missing items. If you have a claims list you may be able to use it to help determine which items have been stolen or damaged. Once you have done this call your insurance company and speak with your agent.

Before talking to your agent make sure you have the names and contact information for the people you are working with at the police department. Your homeowners insurance company will want to verify your claim and make sure the police department is doing what they need to try and recover your property. Once the claim has been made and the information is verified it should not take long for you to receive your check. You can make sure you have an adequate amount of insurance coverage before you need to make a claim by going online and comparing quotes from several companies.

Damage to Property

Accidents happen all of the time and damage to your property can be large or minimal. If there is a natural disaster you will need to follow the guidelines of the local government before making a claim with your homeowners insurance policy. If you have been affected by a earthquake or a hurricane there may be teams of adjusters that will travel to the area and assess the damage and help people immediately.

If your property has been damaged by a fire or other hazard you will need to gather information and evidence to prepare your claim. Begin by taking pictures of the damaged areas and even take videos to make sure everything is documented. You may even want to make at least two copies of the evidence in case you need to send the information to the insurance company. If you need to make repairs quickly to prevent further damage be sure to keep the receipts. Do not make any permanent repairs until your insurance agent has been to your home to see the damage. Otherwise your claim may not be approved.

If there were injuries involved with the property damage keep documentation and hospital bills and prescriptions. All of these items should be covered with your homeowners insurance policy, but you will need proper evidence to ensure a quick and easy claim. Purchasing homeowners insurance is a smart decision. When it comes time to make a claim - just follow a few simple steps on how to make a claim and you will have the money you need quickly.

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