Are Invisible Fences Safe and Effective?

As a pet owner you want to find a way to keep your pet safe and out of harm's way. However, you don't want to have to keep them inside all day long looking out the window fixtures and only let them out when you can supervise them. One option many pet owners have looked into are invisible fences. An invisible fence is an electronic system that acts as a barrier for your pet. It is connected to a collar that your pet wears. If the pet tries to cross the invisible barrier, then it will receive a mild shock to the neck.

Pros to Electronic Pet Fences

The science behind an electric pet fence is quite genius. Essentially, the fence is either wireless or installed with wires under the ground so that you won't have to cut off your property with a big and bulky fence just to keep your animal from going onto the street. You can still enjoy the open area and the views but without worrying that your pet might get run over.

How they work is that the electric fence is connected to the dog or cat collar. When the pet approaches the fence, they will hear a warning sound. If they step near it, they will receive a mild shock to the collar area. As the pet gets closer and closer to the boundary the shock intensifies. The hope is that the pet will put two and two together and discover that to avoid getting a shock, you need to stay away from the fence.

Cons to Invisible Fencing

The hopes for invisible fencing are that the pet will stop and turn around and will not cross the fence. The good news is that most pets will pick this up sooner or later. However, some breeds are a little slower than others. Furthermore, some may be too focused on getting out and take the pain as part of the process of getting to the other side. Furthermore, invisible fences may also not be effective if the pet is excited. After all, nothing can stop an excited dog from chasing after that bird or cat he sees down the street.

One downside, however, is that, while your pet may be confined behind an invisible fence, passer-byers may not know this. What this means is that if a child sees a puppy sitting nicely in an unfenced area, he may think he is friendly enough to pet, especially if there is no barrier in place. All of a sudden you have a serious injury that has happened on your property. Invisible fencing can make your animal look a lot more approachable and while most people know not to approach a dog or cat, children often do not. It only takes a second for a child to come onto your property, passed the invisible fence and for your dog to get protective and bite.

In general, invisible fences are safe and effective; however, if you are looking into an invisible fence then it is only natural that you will be curious about them. The good news is that there are displays as well as videos online where you can see for yourself. Furthermore, many companies offer a return policy as well as a warranty on the product so if it does not work in your instance, you can get your money back. Think about the behavior of your pet, whether you have children and what your front and backyard is like when determining whether an invisible fence is the right barrier method of you.

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