Installing a No-slip Pool Patio

If you have just added a swimming pool to your property or if your home already comes equipped with this luxury then you will most likely have some sort of decking in place around this lovely water feature. Having a pool and a patio are two wonderful ways to enjoy the lovely summer sunshine and cool down in the process. You can add lounge chairs, a picnic table and anything else to your outdoor living space to really make it the perfect place to hang out on weekends and on holidays.

However, swimming pools are pose several safety threats which is why you need to ensure that there are the right precautions in place. Make sure you are keeping life jackets close by, that you and your partner have completed a basic first aid course, that your children are well aware of the rules of the pool and that you have the right equipment around the pool, such as a fence and a no slip pool patio, to help prevent any accidents.

If you are looking into a no-slip pool patio than you have several options. One of the most popular and most affordable no slip patio options is paint. If you already have a timber or concrete patio in place then this is a great way to go as you do not have to start all over again and re install a brand new patio just to make it a no-slip option.

Non Slip Patio Paint

You can purchase no-slip paint from most specialty paint stores as well as hardware stores. This non slip deck coating is easy to install - simply paint over the surface. Furthermore, it will provide your current patio with a brand new finish making it look shiny and new again, like a brand new bathroom.

Before you install the no slip pool patio paint you will first need to do some preparations. If you have a timber deck then you will first need to apply an oil based primer to the area before adding any layer of paint. If you have a concrete deck then you will need to clean it completely before applying the paint.

The first step is to scrub the concrete with a tri sodium phosphate followed by a rinse and an acid wash to remove any mineral deposits. You will then need to scrub the acid off with the tri sodium phosphate again. Once you have done this, you can install the no-slip patio surface to your deck.

To apply the no-slip paint onto your patio is fairly easy. Simply paint the product overtop of your prepared surface. It is recommended that you use two coats for your initial application and that you do the required calculations to ensure you have enough paint before starting the process.

Why Install No Slip Paint

There are a number of benefits to using a paint product rather than installing a completely new patio with a no stick surface. For one, the paint is affordable and easy to apply. It is also more durable than some of the commonly used no-slip materials such as carpet and is resistant to all types of damage.

However, perhaps the best reason to opt for installing a no-slip pool patio paint is that it will keep your area safe and shiny. No slip paint is designed to withstand all types of pressures as well as create a cooler place to walk which is especially important during those extra hot days when your patio can become so hard it hurts to walk without shoes.

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