Joining a Swim Club in Your City

Joining a swim club in your city can be a great way to add family fun, and to help keep you cool and hydrated during summer months. The key is finding one that is convenient, well-priced and has all the features you are looking to take advantage of. You will need to consider the ages of your family members and their interests when you purchase your pool pass.

Swim Club Options

Many cities have a pool that residents can sign up to use in the summer months. These can include access to special activities such as competitive swimming, family events or other city recreation activities. If your city does not have a pool of its own, see if your neighboring city allows non-residents to use their facilities or look into what family centers like the YMCA might have a pool nearby.

Some parents wish to get their children involved in a swim club to get swim lessons from a certified instructor. Many family fun centers offer lessons at a low price that will include the basic strokes, how to float and safety pointers. See if your local pool will include a membership to come to their free swim period or a discount on a pool pass when you sign up for lessons.

If your children are too young to swim on their own, an athletic pool with lanes that is very deep may not be the best choice for your family. Keep an eye out for swim clubs that have a wading pool intended for younger swimmers or complementary floatation devices available. Also check into the club's rules about bringing in toys or "floaties" of your own if you have safety devices you prefer. If your children are very young, see what the rules are about bringing children that require diapers.

Those who want to join a swim club to add some quality family time to their schedule should see what kind of extra activities are included in your admission. Some indoor pools play movies or have water sport sessions you can participate in for free when you purchase a membership. Keep the hours of these activities in mind as well as what time the pool is open, especially if you are trying to include pool-time around your work schedule and other activities. A swim club that offers a variety of evening and weekend hours might be a better match for very busy families.

Some swim clubs divide their pool time amongst age groups or types of swimmers. If you notice a swim club you are interested only allows children free-swim time for a certain number of hours a day and the rest of their hours are dedicated to those who wish to swim laps, this may not be the best club for you. Look for organizations that cater to the age groups you are looking to include and will allow your family to do all the swim activities they want at the same time. A pool with a variety of depths and activities such as a water slide may be a better choice for a big family with several children.

It is also important to keep price in mind when you are joining a swim club in your city. Some pools give you a flat rate for your pass while others will expect you to pay for each activity you want to take part in separately. It may be cheaper to pay a separate entry fee each time you visit if you do not think you will be able to make it to the pool very often.

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