Keeping a Yard Free of Weeds

Most people that own a home try their hardest to maintain and even improve their property, and homeownership is a constant and ongoing task. Your yard is an important part of your property, and yard care is an essential aspect of your home maintenance. When it comes to yard chores, one of the most pressing chores is often weed-removal. Weeds reproduce and spread quickly, and a small weed problem can quickly turn into a huge issue. However, by learning a few time-tested tricks you can quickly free your yard of weeds and create a more beautiful home.

Less Affective Removal Methods

When it comes to killing weeds, your first impulse may be just to mow without killing grass or use an edge trimmer in order to quickly remove unsightly plants. However, while these tactics seem to kill weeds, they are only a temporary fix. Weeds that are cut will quickly grow back and will still continue spreading as well. In order to permanently remove a weed problem, you will need to either pull or kill the root of the plant.

In some cases, homeowners will turn to chemical resources in order to kill the weeds that have sprouted in their yard. While chemical herbicides are very effective at killing different types of weeds, they have some side effects that are very negative. Herbicides can easily kill grasses and other turf that you want to keep, and they can also be harmful to residents and pets. Before using chemicals, you will want to try other, less harmful methods for weed removal.

Non-Chemical Removal Methods

One of the best ways to keep out weeds is to simply grow a lot of grass. A more lush lawn will have less room for weeds, and the weeds that do grow will be sparse enough that you should be able to pull them by hand. However, if your grass is not thick enough or your weeds continue to grow, you will need to take further steps to remove them.

The key to ridding you lawn of weeds is learning what kinds of weeds are creating the problem. There are several broad classes of weeds that are present in American lawns, and you will often need to properly identify a weed in order to permanently remove it. In many cases, you can do a lot to remove weeds by changing the ways that you water your lawn. Too sparse of a watering cycle will lead to reduced grass cover and increased room for weeds to grow. In order to kill weeds, you will water sporadically and use a lot of water when you do. Also, certain kinds of fertilizer are going to be more advantageous for beneficial grasses and will possess qualities that will not allow weeds to grow. If you have a question on which fertilizers and lawn products to use, speak with local nurseries and home improvement stores, and get the kind of professional information that you need.

When it comes to permanently keeping a yard free of weeds without the use of harmful chemicals, there is no substitute for a bit of hard work. Pulling weeds by hand is a time tested and non-invasive way to kill harmful plants. Take care to remove the entire root of a weed, and you should be able to prevent both annuals and perennials from returning. If you do decide to use chemicals, do some research and find the options that are not as harmful and have been designed to only target your problem weeds.

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