Keeping Pets Out of a Garden

As much as you love your pretty little cat and your peppy little pup, you certainly don't love them doing their business in your garden. Dogs and cats love to make their mark and one of the places they choose to go, to play, to sniff, to dig and even to sleep, is your garden where your learning to grow vines. It's cool, it's soft, it's comfortable, yes, but it's about time they learned that this is not right! Do something now to save your lovely plants and get those pets out of your garden once and for all.

Common Pet Garden Repellents

One option you have is to build a fence or a gate to keep your pets away from your garden. This is probably your best bet if you notice that your dog is digging in this area or if your pets are doing their business in your precious bushes. However, to do this you may need to sacrifice the whole look of your garden which you might not be willing to do. You can add large river stones to the garden wall which look pretty but also keep cats away.

Another option is to add a motion sprinkler system into your garden. When the pet approaches he will get wet. Of course, this only works if your pet doesn't like water. If he does, then you may find this is another reason for your dog to run through the garden.

There are several easy natural remedies from inside the house that can also repel cats and dogs and other animals from your garden. Some of the herbs that have been known to repel cats and dogs include lavender, rue, and absinthe and lemon thyme. If you happen to have any of these lying around in the cupboard, then sprinkler a little bit into your garden to see if this does anything.

Cats are also against tea leaves so after you morning cup, sprinkle the leaves in amongst the flowers to see if this has any effect. You can also make your own all natural pet repellent to place into your garden. It is simple to make and includes 2 parts cayenne pepper, 3 parts of dry mustard and 5 parts flour mixed together.

Training Your Pet

However, perhaps the best way to keep your pets out of your garden is to tell them to get out. You can teach old dogs new tricks, despite what many pet owners tell you. It just takes time and persistence. If you do notice your pet heading to the garden, then stop them. Reward them for listening to you and scold them if they continue to head for the plants. Eventually they will catch on and stop.

However, if you take away their garden then you need to give them another place for them to sleep and play. Consider finding a special area in your yard reserved for digging and burying bones. Place a litter box outside for your cat to go and find a comfy shady spot to place an old blanket so that your pets have a cool place to relax outside that is not underneath your marigolds.

Keeping pets out of a garden can be done in a number of different ways. Whether you choose to go with the fence building route, the sprinkler system, the all natural home remedies or the patient and persistent training is entirely up to you. Play around with the different options to see what works best for your lifestyle and for your stubborn pet.

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