Should I Make a Claim if Someone Breaks my Window?

Dealing with broken windows is something that a lot of homeowners have to do on a regular basis. Whether its due to a burglar trying to break into your home or neighborhood child playing where they shouldn't, it's likely that you have had to deal with a broken window in your past. These can be great annoyances, as they can cause your home to be less secure and cause you to lose money on your utility bills. As such, you should do what is necessary to get the appropriate repairs made on your window and get things in good working order.

A lot of homeowners feel that the appropriate course of action when dealing with a broken window is to file a homeowners insurance claim. After all, this is the type of thing that is covered on most policies, so it seems to make the most sense to go ahead and file your claim during the best time of year for claims. Before you engage in this process, it's important to think about what the consequences might be for you. You don't want to do something that is going to make your rates go up.

How Claims Affect Your Rates

If you are going to make a claim against your homeowners insurance policy for a broken window, then you need to know what the consequences are going to be. If you do take the time to file a claim, your insurance company will have to investigate what's going on and see if the broken window is actually going to be covered. Because there are so many instances of fraud out there, your provider needs to make certain that everything is okay and that you actually deserve some compensation. These investigations are going to cost your provider some money.

In addition to spending money on investigating your claim. your provider is also going to have to pay money to fulfill it. When you think about this, it could end up costing a lot of money for your provider. As such, some of this costs is likely going to have to fall back to you when you are up for a new policy. If you have to file claims, your provider is going to think that you are not very responsible. The company will need to charge you more money to recoup some of these costs, so you can see a big rise in your premiums.

Dealing with Smaller Incidents

A lot of times it makes little sense to file a homeowners claim for a broken window. Oftentimes, a broken window is really easy to deal with and repair. If it's just one window, then you are probably not going to have to spend that much to get it repaired. You should check to see what your deductible is, and then make a decision regarding what you want to do. If your deductible is $500 and the repairs only amount to $300, then there is no reason why you should spend the extra money.

Before you jump to making a broken window claim on your policy, check and see just how much the window will cost to repair and how much your deductible costs. In most cases, it's going to make more sense for you to deal with the repairs on your own rather than going through your insurance company. That's a good way to for you waste a lot of valuable time and money, so you should avoid this whenever it is possible to do so. Try to handle small incidents such as these on your own.

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