Should I Get Medical Payments Coverage?

Medical payments coverage can save you years of stress over money and loss of assets. If a person is injured while visiting your home - you may be responsible for the medical bills incurred. Since most homeowners insurance policies offer "no fault" medical payments it does not matter if the injury was because of homeowner neglect or the person's own clumsiness. If the injured person does not have insurance - this may be the only way to pay the emergency room bills.

Shopping for medical payments coverage online is easy. Once you have found multiple quotes for a great homeowners insurance policy including other things such as full replacement cost coverage you will just need to make sure the policy also offers medical payment coverage. The usual amount is $1000 and will take care of hospital or doctor bills that are incurred because of an accident in the home. It may cost a few extra dollars a month, but the peace of mind will be worth the added expense.

Coverage for Animal Attacks

If you own a dog, cat or other animal purchasing medical payment coverage is important. Sometimes our animals are stressed or anxious when people visit our home. If your cat goes a little crazy and scratches or bites the plumber while he is making repairs in your home - you may be responsible for the medical bills. If the injury is serious and the person is out of work for a few days - you may also be responsible for loss of income. With medical payment coverage you should not have to worry about the extra expense. Most policies will offer $1000 worth of coverage which should take care of most accidents.

If your dog escaped from your fenced yard and bit the neighbors son you will again be responsible for the medical payments. If the family does not have medical insurance this may be the only way the child can get quick treatment from an emergency facility. Animals can be temperamental and may get irritated easily especially as they get over. If an accident happens at least you will be able to take responsibility for the treatment needed for the injured person. Take the time to look into purchasing medical payment coverage. It will save you from a big headache and a potentially large out of pocket expense.

Medical Payments for Injured People

Another great reason to carry medical payments coverage is for those unexpected accidents that may happen away from home. If your son is playing baseball with friends at the park and hits another child in the mouth with the ball - your homeowners insurance medical payments coverage will help pay for the expenses. Many people do not realize how valuable this coverage can be. If you do not carry health insurance and you fall off the roof while putting up Christmas lights - your medical payments coverage will help pay the medical bills up to a certain amount. Do not leave yourself and your family without the protection they need.

Medical payments coverage is an excellent addition to your homeowners insurance policy. It will take care of medical payments whether the accident was your fault or the fault of the injured person. It can be a life saver if the injured person does not have medical insurance but needs medical attention immediately. No one wants to find themselves thousands of dollars in debt because of a silly accident or injury. When you are shopping online for homeowners insurance make sure you choose medical payments coverage as part of your policy.

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