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Mobile home homeowners insurance, sometimes called manufactured home insurance, is a unique type of coverage specifically designed to protect mobile homes. Homeowners insurance policies will generally cover the house itself, any adjacent structures, as well as your personal property. Having this type of coverage is essential if you live in this type of residence. Although a mobile home is a great place to live, it is, like all other residential structures susceptible to things like fires, floods, and other natural disasters. If your house is damaged due to any of the aforementioned events, you could end up suffering a lot of damage that will be expensive to repair. Most families just don’t have enough money to repair the damages to their homes or replace their personal belongings. However, securing a homeowners rental policy can help you with this and provide you with a means of repairing or replacing the things that were damaged or destroyed. Having this kind of coverage will mean that you don’t have to spend money out of your own pocket to pay for damages in the event that your house or belongings are damaged by a covered peril.

What is Covered?

If you’re thinking about securing a homeowners insurance policy, then you will want to know what is covered under the policy. Your homeowners insurance policy will provide you with protection for the mobile home itself as well as any structures you own that are located on the same plot of land as your house but are not directly attached to it. Some examples of covered structures are detached garages and sheds. In addition, your insurance policy will also include protection for your personal property, whether it is located inside your house or if it is stored in one of your adjacent structures. A mobile home homeowners insurance policy will protect these items from all forms of loss, unless they are explicitly excluded in your policy. Mobile home homeowners coverage covers a wide range of common perils including windstorm damage, fire, damage sustained from falling objects, lightning, explosions, and a variety of other causes. If you are not sure whether your homeowners policy will cover a specific peril, you should inquire about it with a qualified agent.

It is important to remember that your mobile home homeowners insurance policy will not cover everything, and you should check the details of the policy carefully to make sure that the coverage you want is included. One important issue that you should consider is whether or not coverage applies while the house is moving. Most basic mobile home homeowners insurance policies will not provide coverage when your house is being moved. To get this coverage, you will often have to pay an additional premium. In addition, most basic homeowners insurance policies do not cover damage that is caused by a flood. If you want to secure this type of coverage for your house, then you will need to purchase an additional policy meant to provide you with protection against this peril.

Discount Options

While not all insurance companies provide coverage for mobile homes, the ones that do will generally offer owners discounts for a variety of different reasons. If you are looking for a mobile home homeowners insurance policy, then you may be able to qualify for discount if you have a manufactured home that rests on a permanent foundation, if you have built a basement structure underneath your house, or if you have added skirting around the bottom of the structure. In addition, you may be able to get a discount based on how new your house is. If you have purchased your house within the last few years, then you may be able to get a big discount on your coverage. Finally, you may be able to qualify for a discount on your coverage based on your age or your affiliations. Some homeowners coverage providers will give discounts to owners who are over the age of 50 or to those who belong to particular organizations or groups, such as AAA or AARP. Check all of your affiliations today, and see if you are eligible for a discount based on your membership.

Buy Coverage Today

If you want to protect your mobile home from hazard then make sure that you secure a mobile home homeowners insurance policy today. Insurance for mobile home owners is just as important as it is for those who live in homes that are permanently fixed. You don’t want to be caught without coverage, as you could be forced to pay for damages to your mobile home out of your own pocket. Begin your search for policy quotes today, and see how much money you can save on mobile home homeowners insurance.

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