Motor Sports for the Whole Family

Motor sports are increasing in popularity and becoming more of a family activity than ever before. If you have been involved in motor sports for years and want to share this with your kids then there are plenty of venues where you can ride together. You may want to teach your kids the basics before getting involved in a public arena to make sure they will be safe and can handle themselves on the bike or off-road vehicle without issue. Once everyone is comfortable on your vehicle of choice then you can focus on finding local areas to ride or incorporate riding into great family vacations.

Finding the Right Accommodations

The first step in introducing your family to motor sports is making sure everyone has the right equipment to fully participate in a safe way. If your kids are still growing then consider renting or buying bikes and helmets used so you are not out a lot of money when they are outgrown. You want to find the balance between being economical and making sure everyone has a quality, reliable piece of equipment to ride so there is no question of safety when you are out on the track.

Many trails and tracks that cater to motor sports set aside time for competitions and races. Decide as a family whether or not you are interested in participating in such events and whether or not you are comfortable competing against each other before you are at the event. For many families, the idea of racing against each other is no big deal, but if there is any chance that this will lead to bent feelings then it is better to avoid competitive circumstances to avoid putting a sour note on your family motor sport activities.

Some areas have many off-road trails that personal motor vehicles are allowed to ride on. If you are interested in taking advantage of a trail near your home, look into what is involved beforehand. If you have inexperienced riders in your family then you may want to avoid trails that have many hazards that could trip up a newcomer to the sport. Most trails have maps and information on their difficulty level online, but if you are having trouble getting the information you need you can always call a park ranger from the area to fill you in on what the trail is like.

Most trails used for motor sports run both ways. If you plan on riding together as a family you need to consider how much room you will take up on the trail and how this will affect others who are attempting to use the facilities. You do not want to cut off other motorists or put yourself in an area of the trail that might cause collision with someone driving in the opposite direction. Be aware of whether or not you will need to ride single file and share this information with your family before you get to the trail so everyone can plan accordingly.

It can be difficult finding motor sports for the whole family because this is an activity that is directly based on the skill level of those participating. If there is a noticeable variation in skill level amongst those in your group then you may need to find a public arena that has designated time slots for new, intermediate and advanced riders. You can take turns getting lunch or relaxing while others ride, sitting in an area where you can watch them participate in events to show support. This will keep the sport a family activity even if you are not all riding together.

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