Should I Use a Nationally Known Company?

There are pros and cons with using a nationally known company. Purchasing homeowners insurance is a big decision and you are protecting a large investment. The large nationally known companies advertise often which is why people recognize the name. Does this mean they offer the best coverage at the lowest cost? Not necessarily. There are many benefits to working with a local homeowners insurance company based right in your home town. You will find more personalized customer service and the agent will be more familiar with the disasters that affect your area. When you begin comparing quotes online - think about the type of coverage you are getting and the price you will pay. Think also about the customer service you will expect when you need to make a claim and don't just go with the lowest quote.

Pros and Cons for a National Company

The benefits of working with a national company are probably low rates. The larger the homeowners insurance company - the more resources they have to provide quotes at a discount. If you do not think you will need to make a claim any time in the near future - it may be o.k. to go with a national company. Although when the time comes to make a claim you may find it difficult to work with an agent that does not know your area or your situation. The agent may not be sympathetic to your needs and may see you only as a claim number. Keep all of these things in mind when you are deciding whether to go with a national company.

The disadvantages to working with a national company are the personal service. When you work with a local company the agent probably knows you by name and truly understands your needs and the type of hazards you might be faced with. If you need to make a claim a national company may take longer to respond and you may communicate only through email or automated phone messages. At such a stressful time in your life - you may be more comfortable with personal service instead of the feeling of being just a number.

Advantages to a Local Company

While a national homeowners insurance company may be able to offer you a low price - a local company will offer customer service. When shopping for quotes online you will find several companies right in your local area that understand your needs and will be there when you need them. If a fire or flood affects your home - you will feel better knowing your homeowners insurance agent is just a few miles away and will be able to come to assess the damage to your home quickly. If you need to file a claim and receive your money quickly - a local company will probably be much quicker than the national company.

You need to consider more than just cost and a flashy name when searching for homeowners insurance. Just because you have heard the commercials over and over for a particular nationally known company - it does not mean they provide good coverage. You will probably be much better off going with a local company who can provide personal service and a quick response when the time comes to make a claim. Begin searching online to find the homeowners insurance company you need at a rate you can afford. Once you have filled out the information the computer will match you with several reputable companies in your area that can provide the services you need. Go online today and give yourself the peace of mind you need to sleep well tonight.

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