Insurance for a Home in a Natural Disaster Area

Although there is no way to prevent natural disasters like wildfires, tornado's, floods, and earthquakes from happening, you can do something to be prepared for them. You should always have insurance for a home in a natural disaster area. This will not help you avoid the damage these forces of nature can cause, but it will mean that you can fix the damage after it happens.

Adequate Coverage

Whether you own your own home or reside in a rental property, it is critical that you are adequately covered instead of worrying about light bulb replacements. If you rent, your landlord will have a policy that covers any damage to the property. However, your personal items within the home are not covered under this policy. The best way to determine how much rental coverage you should have is to ask yourself how much it would cost to replace every item in your home should it all be gone tomorrow. If you do rent, talk to your landlord about their homeowners policy to ensure that you are properly covered between their policy and yours.

If you own your home, then homeowners insurance is vital to protect your valuable investment. Your policy should cover both damage to your home and all of your valuables as well. You should always be familiar with exactly what your policy covers. For example, if you have a basement, you need to be sure that your policy covers any type of flood damage, whether it is caused by an interior plumbing issue, exterior plumbing issue, or a natural disaster flood. If you are not sure what is covered, be sure to ask questions until you are comfortable with your coverage.

Do not ever assume that you are covered without properly reviewing your policy. Many homeowners policies do not cover things like flood damage. If this is the case you will need to have an additional policy for flood damage and, even then, a flood policy may not cover your personal items that were in the basement and damaged during the flood. So, you will want to have a replacement policy for your personal items as well. It is best to sit down with your insurance agent and talk through the various possibilities to ensure you have the full coverage that you are seeking.

If you live in an area that is a known hot spot for earthquakes it is crucial that you have earthquake coverage. Earthquake coverage will cover any damage done to your home by any movement of the earth. So if you live in a region with many mountains and hills, you should have this coverage as well since it will protect you in the event of any damage caused by a landslide as well.

If you are not sure if the area you live in is prone to natural disasters, you can contact your local county office. You can also talk to your experienced insurance agent to discuss which natural disaster coverage you need. Another option is to talk trusted local friends and family to get recommendations.

Protect your Policy

In addition to having insurance for a home in a natural disaster area, it is a good idea to keep your insurance policy somewhere safe so that, in the event of an emergency or natural disaster, you have the information readily available. You may choose to keep this in a fire safe lock box in your home or with your local bank. Things like passports, birth certificates, and marriage documents, and family heirlooms should also be kept in a safe place like this.

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