Do I Need Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is not mandatory but it is something that many pet owners will look into. Much like getting new custom windows aren't a necessity for a home owner, sometimes they are installed just to improve the overall look to the outside of your home. Having pet insurance doesn't mean you love your dog any more than someone without pet insurance but it does mean that you are taking the responsible route and thinking about your financial future in the event of a serious accident to your animal. No one can make this decision for you but if you do decide to purchase pet insurance for your pet then you are doing yourself a huge favor.

Understanding Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is used if your pet is hurt or sick. There are a number of inclusions on pet insurance policies, however, so be sure of the various conditions that your pets breed is susceptible to and what is offered on the policy before you insure. Things like cancer, broken bones, surgical expenses, knee and hip complications, eye and ear injuries and other serious injuries can all be covered through your pet insurance.

Anyone who has a pet knows how expensive they can be on a regular basis, without thinking about the costs if something were to happen. You never want to be put in the position to have your dog put down because the surgery bill is going to be too expensive. However, this happens all the time to those without adequate pet insurance. Avoid having to make this heartbreaking decision by insuring your pet just in case.

Surgery on animals can cost a lot of money. You could be looking at as much as $10,000 for some routine operations. Many families simply cannot afford this and thus there really is no other option but to decline to have the operation done. Or, you may have to take out another loan or another mortgage to pay for the costs when you do not have insurance.

One of the good things about buying pet insurance is that many insurance providers will offer this coverage fairly cheap if you buy another type of insurance as well. For example, you may be able to tag on pet insurance onto your house coverage policy for just a few extra bucks a week.

When to Buy Pet Insurance

Knowing whether you need pet insurance or not can be tricky as you never know when something bad may happen to your pet. One of the biggest risks is being hit by a car. If you live in an area where there is a high volume of traffic or if your pet does spend time off the leash or wandering the streets, then this puts him at a greater risk of being hit by a car.

Hereditary diseases can also be covered by insurance. Some dog breeds, for example, are more prone to hip complications, cancer or blindness than others. If you have a dog that is at a higher risk, then you may wish to insure him. Furthermore, older dogs are also more likely to experience diseases and problems and thus you may want to insure your older pet just in case.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to needing pet insurance. It all depends on what you want to do. If you are happy to pay the out of pocket expenses, no matter what, then you will be fine without pet insurance. If, however, you really wouldn't be able to afford a $5,000 vet bill and the difference between owning pet insurance and not is literally your pet's life, then this is not something you should be risking.

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