Organizing a Family Reunion

With families spreading out to find work or settle in more comfortable climates, family reunions can help you get everyone together to catch up. Not only will you be able to see many relatives that you do not get to interact with on a regular basis, you can get a great vacation out of the experience as well. It is simply a matter of finding a location and activities that suit the family and their unique personality so everyone can relax and have a good time.

Making Solid Plans

Before you start making any kind of official plans, make a guest list. This does not have to be an official list and you do not need to start sending notifications or invitations out yet. You just want an idea of how many people would be attending so you can get a better idea of what kind of budget you will need and what accommodations you will need to make to get the maximum amount of attendees. Make sure everyone who is helping to plan the event is a part of this discussion to you are all in agreement about who you are inviting and what you would like to do before you start getting others involved.

The next point to consider is where you want to have the event. This will help you determine whether or not the focus will be taking part in activities together like a traditional vacation or having a get-together at someone's home so you can catch up. Be sure to think about how many people will need someplace to stay and how much everyone can afford. Pick a location that offers plenty to do, but is not too difficult for most of your guests to get to and from.

Some family reunions last one day, but others may want a week to visit with everyone. You will need to decide what works well for your family based on how many people will be attending, how far from home everyone is and what you plan to do when you are all together. Bear in mind that some attendees might not be able to make every event you have planned, so try to keep the schedule as flexible as possible. If you plan on doing a large dinner or taking part in activities that require purchasing tickets in advance, have your guests RSVP so you know how much you need to spend.

Make a schedule of everything you want to do and send it along with the invitations. Consider option like taking a tour of the town where you grew up, participating in an activity that used to be a family tradition, any meals that you will all have together or local amusements that you want to attend. Be sure to make it very clear what you plan on providing and what your guests will need to pay for themselves so everyone is adequately prepared

Organizing a family reunion will take a bit of planning, so you will want to start early. There are many travel agencies and vacation planners that specialize in these types of events if you are feeling overwhelmed and would like some suggestions about things you can do when you all get together. You will have to decide whether or not it is helpful to get more input from others in your family or a professional planner or whether it is easier to keep the number of people in charge relatively small. Once you have taken the time to get organized and get everyone you want on board, it will be easy to get the rest planned.

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