Outdoor Activities for the Whole Family

Finding outdoor activities for the whole family may seem like a challenge, especially if you are planning outings for kids in a variety of age groups with very different interests. It is important to keep these considerations in mind but not to let them limit your ability to try new things and branch out. Having a rotation of activities will keep your family interested in spending time together outdoors all year round.

Fun on a Budget

Planning activities outdoors is a great way to keep your family entertained and spending time together without spending a lot of money. Even with everyone's hectic schedule, something as simple as playing ball in the backyard or going on a bike ride to the park can be plenty of fun and will not cost you a dime. The important thing is to spend time together doing things that everyone is capable of participating in equally.

Keep an eye out in the local paper or your city's website, especially in the summertime. Many cities offer free events such as art fairs, parades or concerts outdoors that have features for many different age groups. A stop to the city fair might mean mom can peek at stained glass, dad can grab the chili dog he has been craving and the kids can get balloon animals and face painting. Asking everyone what they would like to do makes it much easier to tailor the event to suit everyone equally.

At some point during the day, your family will need to sit down and eat. If you have great weather, why not plan do have lunch outside? Pack up a lunch and some paper plates and head out to the park, the beach or even your own back yard. You can even bring along some fun picnic games such as bean bag toss or Frisbee that everyone can play together afterwards.

As your kids get older, family fun time might not be the highest thing on their list of priorities. Keep them interested by letting them get involved in the planning process. If you want to spend some time outdoors, ask if they would like to bring some friends along for touch football, or if they would like to visit the new wave pool that just opened nearby. Just be sure there is plenty for younger siblings to do that keeps them included in the fun.

Tailoring Activities to Your Situation

What you can do outdoors depends on the weather. Skiing and sledding make great winter activities, while those down south might want to head to the beach. Keep an eye out for local fun such as pick-your-own produce farms, hiking trails or water sports that might interest your kids. Trying out something new can make the experience more of an adventure.

Many people young and old suffer from allergies. If you have someone with this problem in your family, it is important to keep this in mind when planning places to go. You do not want everyone having fun while one of your kids has to sit on the sidelines with the sniffles. Also think about who tends to get tired easily so you can plan a level of physical activity that they can handle, or plan to bring along a stroller or wagon for them to ride in when they get sleepy.

Every family has different interests and hobbies. Some may be more interested in sports or exercise while others want to keep things low-key. Plan outdoor activities for the whole family that bring these interests together rather than forcing yourself to do something out of your comfort zone.

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